Snowstorm Stella & Perky Portulacas

Perky Portulacas in Pink & Orange – 8×10 Watercolor on Saunders 140 lb Cold Press

Snowstorm Stella & Perky Portulacas.

Last night
when all the talk was about Snowstorm Stella

that is supposed to be coming our way…
(could a snowstorm have a lovelier name?!)

I thought of my Grandma –
my Stella Star.

And as I painted what started out to possibly be poppies,
they seemed to emerge as perky portulacas.

When I think of Grandma,
I think of portulacas.

Grandma had a next door neighbor and best buddy
who grew the most amazing portulacas.

I remembered hot, lazy summer evenings
with Grandma and her friend and the talks we had.

I remember all the things I learned about life and love
from these special times.

So as I smiled at the snowstorm with the most beautiful name,
I fondly reminisced about my Grandma and portulacas.

And these wild and loose and crazy
pink and orange flowers grew on the page

With joy and happiness
and gratitude and love.

Cheers & Hugs,

Watercolor Paint:  Daniel Smith Cadmium Orange, Winsor & Newton Permanent Rose, Daniel Smith Lemon Yellow, Daniel Smith Cobalt Blue


46 thoughts on “Snowstorm Stella & Perky Portulacas

  1. Of course when everyone was glooming and dooming about the upcoming storm, you were smiling and thinking sweet thoughts of your grandmother and her friend’s flowers! I’ve never heard of portucalas, but they look adorable! I love the looseness of this, really adds to their character 🌷

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  2. I can see your special bond with your grandma! Grandma’s are great. 💜
    I heard the news of snow storm, be safe my friend. Your lovely loose flowers made my day 😍

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    • they are small and viney almost ground covery and have succulent-like leaves. I don’t know that my painting looks like them really, but they are what I thought of while painting, so in my mind – they look like them – LOL!

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