Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart.

Every Spring
you show up

and you remind me
of Grandma’s love.

You remind me of her presence
and influence on my life.

Thank you
Bleeding Heart!

Cheers & Hugs,

Many years ago, my Grandma gave me this bleeding heart plant.  I have transplanted and moved it.  It will always be where I am.  Grandma will always be a part of me.  There is likely not a day that passes where something doesn’t remind me of her or make me think of her, but this plant is an extra special reminder.  It makes my heart soar and swell each Spring when it blooms.  Just like her love for me did and still does.  With Mother’s Day approaching, I remember Grandma with love and the deepest admiration.  May I be even half the Grandma to my grandchildren that you were to me. ❤

PS – I will be taking a blogging break for a week or so.  See you when I return.

51 thoughts on “Bleeding Heart

  1. I love the Bleeding Heart plant as well. I used to have them hanging every year. Your photo of your special plant is beautiful as well as the sentiment. Enjoy your mother’s day my friend.

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  2. What a lovely connection to your sweet grandmother! 3 grandparents had passed by the time I was born and the 4th (my dad’s mom) died when I was 6 so I have virtually no grandparent memories. Tear… Which makes me do all the crazy stuff I do with my grandkids so they WILL have memories (read my What happened Nana? post from a few weeks ago…)

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  3. So nice how little things in nature can bring such cherished memories of our loved ones. It’s a constant reminder that their spirit never dies and will always be with us. Cherish the moment.

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  4. I remember your wonderful story about your bleeding heart plant and your precious Grandma! So tender and sweet of the love you share for her!! ❤ ❤ I am sure your granddaughters are blessed beyond words to have you as their Grandma!!
    Have a nice break!

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  5. While you are on your much deserved break, I will be celebrating an anniversary of little to no importance to anyone other than myself and B-enjamin. May 12, 2017 was the date that I wandered into your blog, liked what I saw, found a home and stayed. This because of a watercolor of yours featured on The Painted Apron’s Fearless Friday’s post “Roses for Mother’s Day”. That post shepherded me into the fold of your followers and I will be forever grateful. At that time I was already the silent follower of many blogs, reading and enjoying, but without commenting. In hindsight, I suspect that they were the lucky ones. I meandered in and out of blogs, always silently. I was silent that day on both Jenna’s and your blog. I no longer recall exactly when I began commenting here, but my propensity for loquacity found a niche here as well. It was not very long after that day in May when my Jodi became B-enjamin’s “My Jodi” through your watercolors too! Through your blog’s commenters I have traversed to many other blogs, found new friends and share my questionable wit with them too…JoyRoses, Colin, Mike Powell, Ms. Liz, Chatter Master, Sharon, and Doodlewash to name but a few. These are among B-enjamin’s online friends as well. I must add a comment about today’s lovely post too. Soon after the beginning of my followership, I began exploring your archives starting with the first in 2014. You well know that a photo of a Bleeding Heart was posted on June 1, 2014 and it touched me so deeply that I jotted the date down. As I went through the 2015 archive I came across the May 2nd Bleeding Heart photo as part of a photo challenge and I jotted it down. Onto the 2016 Bleeding Heart photo with the magnificent poem and I jotted it down. Finally arriving at the April 2017 archive, I discovered yet another Bleeding Heart photo on the 17th and I jotted it down. Last year’s May 13th Bleeding Heart photo coincided with Mother’s Day and again I jotted it down. Now here we are in 2019 with another beautiful Bleeding Heart photo/post and I will jot it down in my little notebook under Bleeding Heart. Your curiosity may be piqued, if you have managed to read this far, and if so deserve an answer as to why the interest in a plant. The Bleeding Heart is not just any plant, it was one of my sweet Gram’s favorites and she had many that flourished year after year. My Mother was never successful in transplanting them to her garden, although numerous spots were tried to no avail. When my Gram’s farm of over 200 acres was sold, it was the plan by many family members to transplant many of her plants into their own, her Bleeding Heart plants among them. Some unknown culprit beat them to it by digging up every single one and many other of her plants as well. There is not a single of her adored Bleeding Heart plants among us and I can only hope that they still happily bloom somewhere in some undeserving garden. “Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life.” – Marcus Aurelius. Thank-you!

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    • Oh Ellen! You have filled my heart so full! Thank you so much for this beautiful message. If we can ever get together I will give you a cutting of my grandma’s bleeding heart! Off for a while now, but you and Benjamin are in my heart 💚💚


  6. That’s by far the best photo of bleeding heart that I’ve seen Jodi.. such a wonderful photo and I imagine it’s a special flower to many people (though I’ve only known it for a few years). Ellen’s comment is so touching! All the best for your blogging break

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  7. Love, love, love that you ahve transplanted your grandmother’s plant and that it is thriving so beautifully! This reminds me that i need to go cull some hosta from my friend’s home in NYS…my mother had given her hosta to transplant, and now they are over-abundant. There’s a green chain that connects us to those women we loved and who are gone…

    Hope you had a wonderful break in the routine!

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    • Hi Jill! It is nice to be missed. Thank you! I was on a little vacation and am back. I just needed to take a break from WP to recharge. I’ve missed you too, and hope you are well! Hugs!!!

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