Spring Ahead


Yesterday was Spring Ahead day for the annual Daylight Savings Time (DST) change ritual.  For those clocks that don’t adjust automatically, we advanced them ahead one hour when we went to bed Saturday night (or Sunday morning for those we forgot).

So now for days, people will be saying, “It’s 5:00, but it really feels like 4:00.”  People (including me) will have a harder time getting out of bed for work in the morning all week.  Some (including me) will stay up later, because our bodies don’t feel like it is 11:00 pm like is was last week.  Babies will be all off schedule.  People will be late for work, sleepy during early meetings, and maybe a little grumpy…   But the same ones will be delighted to drive home in daylight and have what feels like a longer day.

Basically, we will all be screwed up for a while.

But we will eventually adjust.

The BEST part about yesterday’s Spring Ahead day (at least here in Mars) was it really felt like Spring!  On my morning walk with Mikey, the birds were chirping, the air had a fresh smell to it, joggers were out, everyone had a new “spring” in their step, and the day reached near 50 degrees F!  That’s about 50 degrees higher than it has been in the past few weeks!

I put all my snowie winter decorations away, and brought out some Springy decor.

And after dinner, in my BARE feet on the sun-warmed deck, I found a little bit of snow in the corner and made an itty bitty snowman and placed it on the railing.  He had black jelly bean eyes and a mini carrot nose.  He didn’t last long…

I think this may be the end of the snow for this season.  It is melting fast!  You can hear the water rushing through the downspouts and the driveway that was a sheet of ice when I headed out on my walk, had muddy puddles on my way back an hour later.

Spring is on it’s way!

Do you have a hard time adjusting to Daylight Savings Time?  Do we even need to be changing the clocks ahead and back any more?

Whatever the case, I hope you are enjoying whatever season you are in right now – of weather – and of life.

Reporting in from lifeinbetween…

Cheers & Hugs,

32 thoughts on “Spring Ahead

  1. Oh my yes. I hate the time change and have always wished they would stop doing it. It isn’t quite so bad now that I am retired but still, my inner clock is screwed up for about the first month. Right now I should be sleeping but Bria woke me up to go outside. If it were the “real” 4:30 in the morning I wouldn’t feel like I am still half asleep. I feel half asleep. We had a beautiful spring day too and I am so ready for it to be spring. I’m afraid it is just a tease those. (But I’m hoping not). Have a wonderful week Jodi! Happy “almost” spring!


  2. I love your little snowman, and of course, your photo makes him even cuter. I hate losing an hour of sleep, esp since postmeno because I don’t sleep that well anyway, but I loved loved loved the light last night! So it’s all good.


  3. I love daylight savings, ours finishes in a few weeks..then it’s waking up in the dark, going to sleep in the dark.i wish we could have it all year round, but I know the farmers milking cows wouldn’t be happy.


    • Always funny to think of you completely on the opposite of us Jenny! We’re just beginning and you are just ending. Hate that day way more. This one just takes some adjusting – but it is worth it! And I recently read that the “myth” about it being for the farmers is not true. It was developed for energy saving purposes after WWI, but who knows……. 🙂 Have Day/Evening. Sleep tight my Aussie friend!

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  4. Oh my, I so love daylight savings for so many reasons!! Soon all the early “risers”, spring flowers will be poking their lazy heads up for the semi-frozen “tundra”, the first purple martin scouts will be looking for new spots to raise their young and in hopes The Brugnoli yard is one, robins, the harbinger’s of spring will be searching for worms and a place to nest, my GreenThumb wife will be happily getting seed pots ready with anticipation of a great food crop as she resurrects her green house, my garlic will be poking through the soil waiting for some Italian guy to give them a shot of fish oil, and ahhh yes the dandelion greens young and tender in my “secret field” just “waiting” to be harvested by an anonymous person with knife in hand for a delightful salad filled with garlic, oil, vinegar, and soft boiled eggs with some fresh bread—-ahh an Italian culinary delight in this household!!! But best of all, sitting outside well into the evening daylight—-yipee—-with my roomy and a glass of beer, home made wine,or maybe a Jack Daniels loving the “daylight savings” and savoring the long, evening daylight hours. I love this time of year but maybe not quite as much as my wife. Life is good, dear friends.
    Love your posts, dear friend and cons!!
    Indeed, anonymous, Oh Rob!!!

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  5. Seriously, the time change thing needs to be stopped in the States, the rest of the planet (about 70 countries) can have it. There is no realistic reason for it in 2015. Or in 1976….


    • I do live in Mars you know Cristina :), but here in the U.S., we observe Daylight Savings Time now until November 1 when we will turn clocks backwards one hour. Looks like London observes a different time – GMT – such craziness – eh?


      • yea crazy!! I’ve googled it:

        Many countries in the Northern Hemisphere (north of the equator) observe DST, but not all. Daylight saving time is in use between March and April and ends between September and November as the countries return to Standard Time.

        So the change happens gradually across countries, not on a fixed date as I thought. Now I can breath haha

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