Beauty in the Blur

blur rose of sharon 2

As I walked around to the “other side of the house” this past weekend basking in the sunshine and warmth and hope of what’s to come, I noticed how the sun was hitting these dried up pods on the Rose of Sharon bush.

I focused in on the pods and “bokehed” out the background giving it a blur.

Soon these brown pods will turn green and then purple with a bounty of beautiful flowers.

Little bursts of Spring are surely beginning to pop up around here in Mars.

Open your “blurry” eyes this Monday and take it all in!

Cheers & Hugs,


This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Blur:  Find beauty in the blur.



12 thoughts on “Beauty in the Blur

    • Yes – but I might be stating incorrectly here…. just an amateur :\ usually also includes lights – maybe I should have said “soft focus” not sure….


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