The Tracks of My Tears

railroad tracks nick

Photo by Nick McKinney

In the car the other day, I asked my son, Nick, if we could stop for a few minutes along the railroad tracks and take a few photos.

I’m always thinking there is a good photo there and have tried a few times, but have never been completely happy with what I’ve taken.

When we stopped and got out of the car, Nick proposed a challenge:  We each take five photos, and then we’ll see who gets the best one.

After literally laying on the road and standing guard for each other to warn of approaching cars, Nick took the prize with this photo I am sharing today.

I love the different perspective he found…  I love that he turned the camera to portrait, which I rarely think to do…. I love the blur in the distance, but also the way the lines draw you to the “dreamy, mysterious” distance….  I love the blur of the smooth track and the detail in the rusty fasteners and am fascinated with how this simple hardware design creates the track that holds a train in line…

And I love that this photo and the memory created in those few short moments brings to mind an oldie but goodie song, The Tracks of My Tears … as I smile… and my eyes tear up with pride.

Cheers & Hugs,


Beauty in the Blur

blur rose of sharon 2

As I walked around to the “other side of the house” this past weekend basking in the sunshine and warmth and hope of what’s to come, I noticed how the sun was hitting these dried up pods on the Rose of Sharon bush.

I focused in on the pods and “bokehed” out the background giving it a blur.

Soon these brown pods will turn green and then purple with a bounty of beautiful flowers.

Little bursts of Spring are surely beginning to pop up around here in Mars.

Open your “blurry” eyes this Monday and take it all in!

Cheers & Hugs,


This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Blur:  Find beauty in the blur.