There’s a Peony Thief on the Other Side of Our House!

peony after rain

Oh how I waited
and Waited
for my peony bush to bloom.

Remember this post from last Saturday when this gorgeous miracle of nature was just a bud?

My peony bush had only two blooms on it this year.  (Anyone know why?  What causes more or less flowers on a peony bush?)

And…  I used to have TWO (2) – not just ONE peony bush,

but one has disappeared – completely – gone – just dirt there!

Do any kind of animals eat peony bushes???

So anyway – I’ve been waiting E V E R Y SINGLE day for those two little buds to bloom already.  Going out each morning camera in hand.

And finally this morning, after a torrential downpour and thunderstorm last night, they decided to make their appearance (or did I forget to look yesterday??)

Maybe I didn’t check EVERY single day……

….because my poor peonies were BEAT UP!

They were downright DROOOOOPY – and looking very sad.

But no worries – I cut them off and brought their beauty and amazing fragrance to the porch where I often sit, and I know I will enjoy them even more than where they really live – on the “other” side of the house.

peonies on the porch

Do you have one of those “other” sides on your house? – the side you rarely go around?

SHEESH!  I better go round that way more often or that rotten no-good scoundrel peony thief might get this one too!

PEONY THEFT (get it? get the play on words?!)  Or am I getting confused? Penny Theft or Petty Theft?  Or are there both?

No matter – around these parts – it’s PEONY theft!

Happy Saturday!

Cheers and Hugs,




10 thoughts on “There’s a Peony Thief on the Other Side of Our House!

  1. Peony bushes need lots of sunlight, water, but above all ANTS. They eat the outside if the flower to make it open up. I took some from my mother in laws house before she die–10 years ago. Put them on the north side of my house (in the mountains of CO). Never bloomed–one day I told her that I wanted them to bloom–next year they did. Both of them! Love life!


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