Watercolor Whimsy – Week 6

whimsical green and purple polka dot birdie watercolor card

This week I went in a little different direction with my watercoloring…

Wanting to loosen up and just create FUN like my artsy bloggin’ buddies, Laura at CreateArtEveryDay and Jill at JillsArtJournal, I poked around on Pinterest and found some super fun work by Lucia at StressieCat.  Such unique, original, crazy, zany, whimsy!  I used Lucia’s inspiration to draw and paint this first crazy green and purple polka-dotted bird.  You should check out her blog – crazy awesome talent!  Mine turned out nothing like hers, but I still kinda like it.

whimsical green and purple polka dot birdie watercolor card birdie doo doo inside birthday

And any card that has a crazy green and purple-polka dotted bird on it naturally needs some green birdie doo doo on the inside!  Right?

whimsical watercolor birdie card

Then I made this other silly guy from a photo I saw that stuck in my head, but I’ve lost the source (since I did it over two days – starting one evening and letting the base dry and polka-dotting the next day).  It was a paper mache bird, but I thought I’d recreate it in watercolor and for a card.  I just tore off a piece of watercolor paper and went to town.

whimsical watercolor birdie card 2

I really had fun making these silly guys, and this green one is already on its way to a friend who is celebrating a birthday this week.  He’s a pretty great guy – so he even gets a Superman stamp!

whimsical green and purple polka dot birdie watercolor card read to mail

Have some fun today – and EVERY day!

Cheers & Hugs,


28 thoughts on “Watercolor Whimsy – Week 6

  1. Seriously, these are great!! I’m not good at whimsy like you and Jill. She will love these!! You could sell these cards, they’re freaking beautiful. And how could anyone not get a smile from these guys in the mail?!?

    PS You have no excuse; you must do Draw A Bird Day on the eighth!!! Seriously, I’d love to see a whole flock of these. You and Jill should illustrate children’s books together!!!

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    • Hey. do I hear a “I’m not good at?” Who taught me a thing or two about that negative talk?!?? Ahem. 😉. But thank you for your sweet compliments and ongoing encouragement!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol you’re so right, but I’m not though. I need a recipe, a way to get there, a step-by-step, which is why this kind of thing and most of Jill’s work really boggles my mind because it’s just so free-spirited and fun. The closest I got to that is that dancing owl doodle I did, and it would seriously have to be very late at night before I could make something like that again. I’d love to be able to do more stuff like this, but it’s more of a struggle than it seems to be worth right now. I need to set myself free more. I thought the cage was open and the bars were down, but apparently not! Thanks for pointing this out. I need to work on this! (((((Jodi)))))

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  2. LOVE, LoVe your BiRdies!!! You did FABULOUS!!! Love the eyes on the green guy! And the polka dots are so fun! You need to name them! 😊.
    Hope you will make more of them!!! Such a SWEET tweet to see these!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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