Happy Draw a Bird Day!

First Bird Drawing and Watercolor Downy Woodpecker

Today is the “official” “unofficial” monthly Draw a Bird Day, and with the support and encouragement of my buddy, Laura at Create Art Every Day and inspiration from Jill at Jill’s Art Journal, I was brave enough to draw and watercolor my very first bird.

I used the photo I took the other day of the downy woodpecker hopping on the back deck as my inspiration.  (Don’t laugh  – – – too much!  It is my FIRST!)

I had a bit of a block about doing this, so first I stamped a bird from the StampinUp Love Life Stamp Set and watercolored it.

love life bird watercolor card

Then, still worried about trying to actually draw something that resembles a bird, I decided to do a silly owl drawing and paint it.  And to be even more fun, I added some nut brown Flower Soft to make fuzzy feathers, a couple of googly eyes, and a linen thread bow.

silly owl watercolor

After doing these is when I allowed myself to try drawing a bird.  I have a long way to go, but I made the first step and drew my first bird.

And it was FUN!

Happy Bird Day Friday!

Cheers & Hugs,

39 thoughts on “Happy Draw a Bird Day!

  1. OH Jodi these birds make my day!! The downy woodpecker is SO CUTE! And have to laugh at the googly eyed bird! Congrats for taking on the challenge, I think you did great! Thanks for the smiles! Have a great Friday!

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  2. Love ALL your birds Jodi…I think I’ll do one in my journal today too… Thanks for letting us follow your progress

    Billie Moan

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  3. They are adorable! And I really mean that! Good for you for trying and accomplishing! I loved the birds — all three of them! Jody, you are an artist! It is fun to see you having so much fun with your talent. It will get better and better, but I have to say it’s pretty darn good already. 🙂 Hugs! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  4. Those birds are pretty precious and quirky. I love them. I have been experimenting with some card making myself but they are not nearly as fantastic as yours! What do you do with all your cards? Do you have enough people to give them to or do you like to display them? Great post.

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    • Thanks Mandi – I don’t keep any of them – they are all given out or mailed. That is what gives me the greatest joy! Keep at it with your cards. People love something that is handmade from the heart. The ART part of it is not as important as the HeART that goes into it! ❤

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  5. Oh my gosh, I love all three!!! PJ and C are right; you’ve got it!! Yes! Gosh, I feel like Charles, my art guru, but you are an artist and I think it’s so cool we both discovered this post-meno (or is that just me lol)! Seriously, these are all great, Jodi! That bird you chose wasn’t easy (which is why I skipped it), and even though it was your first bird drawing, you can totally tell what kind of bird it is. A new WC painter and you made it look like a finished painting by including a believable background?! Whaaaa? Seriously! I love them all. The owl is my favorite because I think he expresses who YOU are to me: funny, zany, and beautiful inside and out. Congratulations, you put yourself out there and you’re FLYING!!! Oh, I love this moment. Thanks for helping us fly today, you rockin’ tailfeather shaker!! Happy Mother’s Day weekend to you!!! 💜💛💜👏👍🎨💐😘😀

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  6. You did FABULOUS Jodi! I’m so impressed! You go girl! 😊😊😊
    Yours looks like a REAL bird. And you did a background too. Wow! I must confess my first bird painting looked more like a cartoon. LOL! I also like your bird cards. You are sooo talented! I appreciate you mentioning my blog again too! ❤️🌈🎨 Glad it’s Friday! Have a awesome weekend!!!

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    • Oh you girls are such encouragers! Not quite looking like a real bird, but we will get there. Mostly having fun and enjoying the journey! Thanks for stopping by buddy! Happy Happy Friday!!!

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  7. You know, Jodi, it seems no matter which way you go…trying to seriously capture a bird from a photo or goofing around like with the owl, you just never put a foot wrong! They’re all adorable!


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