The Important Places – A Mother’s Day Message to my Sons

home mothers day

Growing up,
when people would ask me:
“What do you want to be
when you grow up?”
I would say,
“a Mom, of course.”

So imagine my joy
when my dream came true,
and I was blessed
with the two of you.

There is no greater joy
I could ever compare
to the love and the happiness
you brought to my life.

Now that you are grown,
your lives are your own.
You have things to do
and places to go.

But please remember,
of all the important places
life will take you,
the road to important places
can also lead you home.

My hubby (Marty) recently shared a beautiful video with me (and our boys) that totally struck a chord with me this weekend with Mother’s Day approaching.  If you have 10 minutes and are ready for a few tears of joy and gratitude and contemplation, watch the video here:

It inspired me to share this message of gratitude for the honor and joy I have as the mom of my two amazing sons.

Love you guys,

24 thoughts on “The Important Places – A Mother’s Day Message to my Sons

  1. This is so beautiful Jodi! So sweet and heartfelt. I feel like I’m reading a beautiful card from a mother to her two sons. I am going to try and watch the video some time today. Have a very happy Mother’s Day Jodi!!

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  2. Oh my gosh…..oh, tears streaming down my face. This video calls up so many memories, and as usual, your message is perfect for the occasion. What a powerful video also (and lovely poem). You inspired me to do two things: 1) share this video with my daughter, who has a very powerful bond with her dad and 2) possibly, maybe share a poem on my blog tomorrow that I wrote for my daughter about 8 years ago. I love your heart, Jodi. You are quality stuff, lady. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul (and many talents) with us here. Happy Mother’s Day ❤


      • I did, Jodi. It was hard to express what I felt watching it. The scenery was gorgeous of course, but the look In his father’s eyes was something very special. There was a happiness being back on the river but I also felt as if he was seeing his life as he lived it in his younger years. The video was done very well with current and flashback clips, but that look in his eyes was something I won’t soon forget. Thank you once again.

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      • Oh George – I am so glad you felt that too. His eyes are the windows to his soul – as it is for so many of us. I couldn’t agree more.


  3. My brother did a three-week rafting trip down the Colorado in the Grand Canyon. It was a transformative experience for him. I’ve sent him this video because I know he will get so much out of it. As did I. What a beautifully produced piece this is with a powerful message about the important places. Thank you, Jodi, for sharing it with us.

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    • My pleasure Barbara. Marty and I visited the Grand Canyon years ago, but only on a day jaunt from Vegas, and we only viewed it from above. This makes me want to do it again and venture below. I am such a scaredy cat though! I went white water rafting once and was petrified and did everything wrong. I’m trying to get braver as I get older, but it is not happening too much 🙂 I wish it could be a leisurely boat ride. I want to be a thrill seeker, but I am not. Oiy Vay! Nevertheless – this message – about the important places, and hubby bringing up that sometimes the road to important places leads you home, just stopped me in my tracks. 🙂 Powerful indeed. Happy Mother’s Day my friend.

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  5. Jodi your poem is so touching. You write so beautifully from your heart. That video is one of the most touching ones I have seen. It swelled my heart to watch him become alive inside as he came back to the important place to him and relive his most fond memories. It is amazing what we continue to learn from our parents no matter what age we are. Thank you so much for sharing this


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