Watercolor Week 7 – Mikey

watercolor mikey

For this week’s watercolor experiment, I decided to try to paint one of my favorite creatures on the planet – my furry son, Mikey.

Mikey head shot

I used this photo from Mikey’s recent guest post as my inspiration.

Gosh I love this little guy so much!

How did I ever become one of “those” people that oogle and google over their dog?!

I guess when I realized how much joy a pet can bring to your life.

If I leave the house for five minutes or five days, I get the same excited greeting – like I am the best thing that ever happened to him and he is so happy to see me.

Sadly, Mikey has cancer, and we are not sure how much longer he will be with us.  He is slowing down every single day.  And every day, I tell him how much I love him and what a good boy he is at least 10 more times than the day before.

Maybe he will surprise us and rally, but for now, we are enjoying every single day we are given to enjoy this precious creature that loves like none other.   And not only us – but every person that comes to our home – from the UPS man who bring him cookies to the mailman who is not allowed to give cookies, but always gives him at least two minutes of ear scratches and chin rubs, to every visitor that sits on our living room couch who is almost certain to have Mikey jump in their lap for at least a few minutes (to make them feel welcome of course!).

We “rescued” Mikey from the humane society about seven and a half years ago, where he was living after being saved from a “kill” shelter in another state.  He is a “mutt” in terms of dog definition – guesses are part beagle and part Jack Russell.  But I think what really happened is Mikey rescued us – not the other way around.  He has shown us pure unconditional love and joy and gratitude and gratefulness and goodness.

I wish I could have done his beautiful spirit better justice, but I don’t think I have it in me to redo.  I don’t have the ability to capture his beautiful spirit just yet.  But it is in my heart, and that is a gift I will cherish forever.

mikey watercolor

So here’s to Mikey – the best ever!

Cheers & Hugs,


69 thoughts on “Watercolor Week 7 – Mikey

  1. What a wonderful loving tribute to your dog Mikey. He is so cute! I think you did an excellent job on his portrait! That makes me so sad to hear that he has cancer. I hope some miracle comes around and puts it into remission. Thank you for sharing this wonderful little family member with us Jodi. Hugs to you and pets and belly rub to Mikey!

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    • LOL! Welll….. trying – this was a labor of love. I’m so afraid he isn’t going to be with us very long. But welcome home Jo – you were missed! Hope you had a great week!

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  2. OH Jodie you did a Awesome job painting Mikey!!! I am so sorry that he has cancer 😦 My Boston Terrier had that years ago, lymphoma. She did live longer than they expected so I pray Mikey can rally to and if he gets a miraculous cure that would be even better! HUGS and prayers to you all! And give Mikey a hug to!!

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    • Thanks JR – I’m hoping that Mikey rallies – it’s just so hard to tell… He thanks you greatly for the hug! Delivered immediately 🙂 ❤


  3. Jodi, that is an excellent capture of sweet Mikey. I can’t believe you are able to do that this soon after starting painting. Amazing. We are headed this weekend to a big Westie rescue event in northern VA. It’s going to be fun for Max to see some of his cousins. Rescue dogs ROCK! Especially you, Mikey.

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    • Are you considering a new brother or sister for Max? Rescue dogs definitely Rock – and so does that DH, Roger, and his beautiful co-pilot 🙂 who help rescue! ❤


      • No, we are not. I am amazed at how much easier life is with just one dog especially Max who is about as low-maintenance as they come. Berkley was a lot of work, looking back on it, and although I miss him like crazy, it’s nice to have things a bit easier right now. Also with all the travel we have scheduled, I can’t stand the idea of boarding a new dog. I can’t stand the idea of boarding Max either but that’s another story. Hope you have a great day, Jodi.

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  4. I think you did Mikey justice. The expression on his face and colouring are just perfect. Maybe keep this card and frame it if Mikey is sick like you said. Then you’ll always have that memory of painting him. I’m sorry he has cancer. I think if life were fair our dogs would live as long as us and be happy and healthy. But you are right about one thing, dogs save us and not just the other way around. I lost Nikki a year ago and her pictures still bring me joy. Good job!

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    • Thanks sweet Mandi! Believe it or not – this is actually an 8×10 piece. I had in mind to make it for hubby and frame it if it turned out. Not sure if I will, but it was definitely a labor of love creating it! I’m glad Nikki’s pictures bring you joy. Pets have such a way with that! ❤

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      • I am a student of YouTube University! LOL! Seems you can learn to do almost anything by watching Youtube videos by talented individuals who share! But I really have a long way to go – I was so afraid to do the eyes and saved for last, and am not happy with them. It is why I would like to do over, but not sure I have it in me. 🙂


      • My son subscribes to that same notion of YouTube University….it really is astounding all the things you can learn on there! And am quite sure you have it in you, but why not do a series of these? Certainly just one is great, but two would be even better especially with him in different positions/places? Could help to chart your progress!

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      • My son is the one that taught me that too! And then sweet Laura @ CreateArtEveryday recommended the Frugal Crafter’s, which are so great for beginners. I might just consider a series. See what mood strikes me 🙂

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  5. Your portrait is making me cry. Jodi, your work is amazing right now. You’ve only just begun ?!?! Whaaaaa? Seriously. I can’t wait to show this to Hub. It’s beautiful!!! Keep painting. Keep painting. And for God’s sake, keep painting!!!! We lost a beautiful loving boy (Hub’s kitty) a year ago Thursday and so this touches me even more. Mikey is beautiful, inside and out, I can see it in his eyes, his love is right there for us all to see. You’ve captured that love. You’ve captured his essence here. I’m blown away you just started with watercolor. Really blown away!!!! Don’t ever stop. Give Mikey huge hugs from his auntie to the south. Oh, I just love that sweet face. Peace and much love to you both.

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  6. Now that you have painted Mikey, he will always be with you. A photograph is one thing, but they don’t call watercolors, “a study” for nothing.

    BTW, My dog Scooter moves too fast for the camera lens. Maybe I’ll be able to capture his image in a year or two when he is no longer a puppy 🙂

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  7. Your painting is exactly like the photo, and hence exactly like Mikey. Great job you budding artist who seems to have skipped all the “in training” stages and jumped straight into professional! However did you do that!
    My heart aches for you as I think of your furry friend having cancer. I hope he is not suffering. Strange how there is a circle of life and we are all on that wheel, never really sure where we are on it. The baby Cardinal was recently born yet might be swept off by a predator. Beautiful and faithful dogs could be dying of cancer and yet live for a longer time than ever expected, surprising all those around him. Life is like that, and time will tell. Enjoy today – it’s all we ever have.

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  8. WOWZA! You really have talent! ❤️ I think it helps to paint a subject you are passionate about as you really SEE into the heart of your dog. I think you did an excellent job of capturing his spirit and his devotion. I’d frame this one and the next one too! (I’m not very good about framing my work but I think you encouraged me to do so!) 😊 thanks for sharing your heART today Jodi! HUGS! 🐶❤️🐶

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  9. What a wonderful way to honor Mikey and if looking at your work makes me sme than I think It has indeed captured his spirit. You’re so right, many times it’s the dogs who rescue the owners rather than the other way around.


  10. Fantastic work. You’ve done another great painting, and I think you captured Mikey extremely well. And who couldn’t love that face. Also Jodi, you were kind enough to leave a comment over on my recent post, and wanted to let you know that WordPress has been erasing comments, quite randomly at times, over on my blog. Their support people have been unable to explain their actions, and appear to have no idea why this is happening to me, and apparently quite a few others. So I wanted to let you know that I did get the comment, and wanted to thank you for it, and to apologize for you joining their growing list of erased victims. Please check your anatomy to make sure you are not missing any limbs, as they told me they have their experts working on it. Again, nice painting, I love the fact you have continued to paint, I love your work! :O)

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    • LOL! Paul – I checked and all limbs still intact. If the WP people would like to erase a few pounds off each limb or a few years of wrinkles off my face – I would not object! 🙂 Sorry for the technical difficulties you are experiencing, and thank you for your kind comments. Good luck with getting your issue resolved!


  11. I loved the guest post last week, I could almost hear Mikey bark! I’ve never had a dog, when I was a kid I wanted a tiger – I was obsessed with Aladdin.. My parents didn’t let me. We had cats though.. Our little (fat) Jimi has immunodeficiency now but luckily the vet found a good cure so that Jimi can keep patrolling the neighbourhood. I’m really sorry to hear that Mikey has cancer and I wish him and you guys a bit of relief from the pain and more happy times together x

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  12. Mikey has such a wonderfully expressive face! It’s easy to see what a joy he is to have around. I am sorry to hear that he is not well and I hope that he is able to be with you for awhile.
    Watercolor is such a challenging medium yet you did a really great job with it. I’ve found that portraits are most successful when you are really close to the subject. I guess the emotions come through in the work.

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    • Thank you so much! He brings us more joy than we every thought possible. And I think you might be right about being close to the subject. I’ve never done a portrait let alone watercolor before, but doing Mikey was such a labor of love. I don’t think I truly captured his twinkle, but that would likely be impossible 🙂

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