New York – New York! And the Blogiversary Winner is….

albert and jodi

Albert of “Albert’s New York” Blog – Best Tour Guide Ever!

I just returned from a jam-packed three-day trip to New York City.  Two days were spent at a business meeting, but I was also fortunate enough to have some free time to explore the city on my first visit with one of the best tour guides ever… ALBERT!!!!  My buddy from Albert’s New York Blog.  Here we are on the roof top of his apartment building where we had the chance to view the sunset and a beautiful view of the city.

And this little cutie is as charming in real life as he is on his blog.  I hope you will check it out.  I’m guessing you will fall in love with him as I have.   And what a wonderful gift after our loss this week to get to hug and meet this beautiful new friend.

When I found out I was heading to New York, I immediately wrote to Albert and asked if he wanted to meet up and wondered if he had time to show me around.  He and his Lady and Guy were so amazingly gracious to spend the afternoon and evening with me.

I’ll have more to tell and photos to show soon, but for now I promised to announce the winner of my One-Year Blogiversary card today.

PP245 Pleasant Poppies Lots of Thanks

I was so overwhelmed and truly humbled with the response and the amazing comments.  Thank you all so much for all the love!

I asked hubby to pick a number from one to………….  and before I could even give an end number, he firmly stated, “7.”

So the W I N N E R of my One-Year Blogiversary Card is the 7th person to comment – BILLIE MOAN!

Congratulations Billie!  (Please email me your address at – and it will be on its way!)

I am back in Mars – and though I adored New York – there really, truly is no place like home.  (even when it’s Mars!)

Happy Friday everyone!

Cheers & Hugs,




38 thoughts on “New York – New York! And the Blogiversary Winner is….

  1. Glad you got to enjoy touring NYC for a little bit, very cool that you could meet up with another blogger friend and Albert looks adorable! Great picture of you and him! Welcome back to Mars 🙂 Smart idea having your husband pick a number and LOL at how quickly he said it 🙂 Congrats to Billie!

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    • I sure did, JR, and Albert is so adorable – as is his Lady and Guy! They were such awesome hosts of their city! I would have never got to do and see the things I did without them! I am extremely grateful for their hospitality. 🙂


    I look forward to seeing your blog every morning before heading off to work, seeing what recipes you have made, your beautiful cards, and your thoughts and ideas. Thank you

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  3. What a great way to combat work with a little down time. It is indeed a great city. But as “Dorothy” said, “There’s no place like home”. Albert looked like a perfect companies. 😃😃

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  4. Hi Jodi,
    I’m soooo glad you had time to tak-in some of the sights of one of my favorite places, NYC…although most of our time is spent in the wonderful borough of”Brooklyn”, there’s so much to see in the city!
    Congratulations on the anniversary of you fabulous blog…a true work of heart-felt Joy!
    Have a great weekend my friend,

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    • Thanks so much Char! Brooklyn is one of the places I wanted to see, but didn’t have time for this trip. I think I was clear on the other side – mostly West Village, SoHo, Manhattan. What a busy, bustling place. Very exciting. Thanks for being here Char! I so appreciate you and your kind words and encouragement!


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  6. Look how cute you are! How are you this tan? Why are you not all pasty-white like me? You craft, cook, photograph, write a post every day, travel to NY, paint, and still have time to tan?!? I see that Fitbit bracelet on your wrist too…..LOL!!

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    • LOL! So NOT cute! UGH! I hate photos of myself – but had to share a picture with Albert as it was so adorable to visit with him! You can see as many steps as I’m walking – I’m still a tub of lard! If I could only give up the wine! You give me way too much credit. My gardens look NOTHING like yours – full of weeds. House not as clean as it should be. Desperately need a pedicure. Closets need purged desperately. Should I go on?! I’m so bad – I sometimes just do the fun stuff I love to do – in between…. 🙂 Tan – well – sometimes I get to work from my deck! 🙂

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  7. WOW Jodi! You’ve had a busy week! Thanks for the link to Albert’s blog – so funny! 😊 I liked your photo with him. I hate having my photo taken too. 😏 Why is that?! LOL! I can relate about doing all the fun stuff I enjoy over the cleaning. I always say, a clean house is highly over rated. 😊 glad to hear you got to have some FUN in NYC! I hope to get there some day! Enjoy your LONG weekend! 😊🎨🌈

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  8. Good to see a smile on your face Jodi, I knew it was a tough week. Happy you had a great time in the Big Apple. So… Billie got my card, huh, and I was so sure I had my name on it. Oh well, I guess congratulations are in order. Congratulations Billie! Jodi, have a pleasant weekend. :O)

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