Thanks a Latte! (and a Free Card Giveaway)

PP246 Thanks a Latte Love Perfect Blend

Any coffee lovers out there??  Do you ever sigh after that first sip of joe in the morning like I do?  Does anything taste better?  (with the exception of red wine after dinner?)  I love my coffee pretty bold (like my wine) with a nice splash of Italian Sweet Cream in it.

I created this card for The Paper Players PP246 Sketch Design Challenge.


The design was inspired by an awesome card I saw done by Paula Sievers at Stamping with Paula. I don’t often use Designer Series Paper, but I loved how Paula framed and layered it and then cut out the coffee cup and embellished the cup holder with chevron.

I have been wanting to use the StampinUp Perfect Blend Stamp Set and thought it would be so fun to put a lipstick mark on the cup like us ladies get so often.  Can you relate?

PP246 Thanks a Latte Love Perfect Blend

I had another stamp set from Fiskers with this sentiment on and the coffee beans that I thought complemented it and went well with the sketch challenge theme.  Some Gorgeous Grunge “coffee splatters” added just the right finishing touch.

I’d love to give this card away to one of you lovely “lifeinbetweeners” out there.  Leave a comment with your favorite coffee brand, flavor, shop, or how you like your morning java to be entered into a random drawing to win this card.  I’ve left the inside blank so you can write your own special thank you message to the person you choose to send it to.  (Winner will be drawn Sunday, 5/31/15.)

PP246 Thanks a Latte Love Perfect Blend 3

Cheers & Happy Friday Hugs,


50 thoughts on “Thanks a Latte! (and a Free Card Giveaway)

  1. Jodi! As a confirmed coffee hound, I would love to be entered in the drawing to win that card. I most often brew my dark roast at home, but when I head to a coffee shop, I go to the Tree House, a wonderful enterprise started by a brave young woman, who has succeeded in a very tough market. If I can pair my dark roast with some dark chocolate, and a good book… that’s a perfect solitary nosh! Coffee is also the language spoken among my best of friends; sometimes, coffee forms the sea on which our sharing floats!

    Lovely, creative work…

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  2. Love the lipstick mark on the coffee cup, made me smile! I appreciate your posts a LATTE 🙂 White chocolate Raspberry is my favorite Latte! Hazelnut coffee with Hazelnut creamer is my daughter’s favorite and a Mocha Frappe is my other daughter’s favorite. My hubby thinks we are all crazy, he prefers his Hot Cocoa 🙂 Have a great day my friend!

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  3. Ahhh coffee, sweet coffee has been part of my life since I was a kid. I know it sounds disgusting to some, including my wife but I loved a concoction of graham crackers, butter and a piece of Velveeta cheese. Oh those memories. Now as I moved on I become a wee bit more sophisticated although there are those who would argue that point. As a teacher coffee became a mainstay in my classroom. I put a coffe put in my classroom not only for myself but for my students. (I had all seniors). Coffee in hand, the cup became my constant companion for the first three periods. Ahhh yes, Sweet memories of another era. Now as I sit here on my porch, dear Jodi, I reflect and embrace my coffee perhaps in a more errrrr “sophisticated ” ( some, many would argue that) way. Everyday my life starts with a few or more cups of “Jo”. ( a wee bit of history there). And I have turned a bit snobbish in my coffee choice. My very favorite is “Peet’s Coffee. Major Dickason’s Blend—— a rich—-not yet——-
    Complex—–yup that’s me!!!!!—–Full bodied—–fits me to a tee????!!!!!!! —–Deep Roast—–lots of depth to me!!!!!! And of course Whole Bean coffee.( nothing but whole bean for this guy). Coffee grinder set to go off at 6:15 AM just in case I am up—-often especially once I smell it. Now the coup de grace, my coffee must, must be topped off with Sweet Italian Creme with just a tad in the bottom of the cup. ( I prefer to add it to the bottom of the cup and let it blend in). Finally, if it is not hot enough, I nuke it as I love my coffee steaming hot. Then I sit back and embrace it’s errrrr, full bodied flavor and suck in the beauty of life. One final note, if we are going somewhere for an extended stay, my companion is Sweet Italian Creme—-please the one with sugar ☕️☕️☕️☕️😃😃😃
    So there you have it . Cheers Jodi.
    Oh Rob sometimes anonymous more oft not!!!

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    • Oh Rob – LOVE it! You embrace your coffee drinking to the full experience like you do everything in life. What I love most about you – your passion for everything! I must hear about those crackers with velveeta though!


  4. I have to have my coffee in the morning. At least two cups. Tim Horton coffee is my favorite. Maybe because I am canadian but have travelled thru the states and still love my tummies.

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  5. Yep, it’s back to normal. There was only a little sliver of a comment box prior to me publishing my last comment. This card is really really adorable Jodi!
    I’m going to keep my name out of the hat so the others have a better chance at it. You have such a creative mind and create such unique, adorable, and or/ beautiful cards! Someone will be very lucky to win your card. Hugs!!

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  6. Beautiful card. I drink my coffee black, no cream, no sugar, no syrup. Not too particular about brand at home but when I’m at work I enjoy Golden French Toast or Caramel Vanilla.

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  7. Can help but love the drink of the gods! My mam told me she added coffee to my milk so I would drink it. Sounds crazy but is true. Fifty-nine years later, I still enjoy the aroma and taste of a simple cup of coffee. My treat will be Starbucks white chocolate with Soy milk.

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  8. I am partial to a Starbucks skinny latte, but I am truly a tea drinker first and foremost – I drink gallons of the stuff each day! Love your take on this week’s sketch Jodi – the coffee beans are fab and the lipstick on the cup is a fun touch! Thanks for joining us over at The Paper Players this week!

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  9. I once had a white kitty cat named Latte. She had one black spot on her head – what looked like a coffee bean! 😊 Coffee bothers my stomach so I have to drink it really weak. I have my own concoction of Tasters Choice, Instant flavored coffee and Almond Milk creamer. I tried to switch to tea but I missed the creaminess of coffee. Yes, I know I’m a bit odd. LOL! 😊
    Love your card, Jodi! Especially the lipstick. ❤️

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  10. Who wouldn’t want a Jodi card? I like my morning cup of Joe made in that awesome coffee maker that BH surprised me with. It grinds the beans and brews a fresh cup for you each and every time. It even makes the nice crema on top of the coffee. Heaven and a wonderful way to start the day.

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    • Awh! Aren’t you sweet?! Tell me more about that coffee maker. I think I want to replace the Keurig – feeling a bit guilty about all these K-cups and plastic garbage I am creating… Your cup of Joe sounds DIVINE dahlink! Like YOU! hehe!


  11. Fabulous take on the sketch! I love the coffee theme and how you’ve used the beans as part of the sketch. Very clever! Thanks so much for joining us at The Paper Players.


  12. Jodi, I seriously couldn’t love this card more! My co-workers always give me grief about my lipstick-stained Starbucks cup every day. This is one of my favorite stamp sets and you just made me love it even more. Such a fun card! Thank you so much for playing along with my sketch this week at The Paper Players! 🙂


  13. Great post, adorable card. My fave is 49th Parallel in Vancouver BC. A kitchen shop now carries it in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island so I can enjoy it more often. Yeh!


  14. I love your card! The spatters are a nice touch.

    Coffee for me is a ritual. It is something I have alone, often, but better shared. I drink it black and strong. I received a French Press for Christmas and I am in love with being able to just brew it like tea and get a perfect cupful.

    When I am in downtown Chicago and buy coffee out, I’ll celebrate with a shot of raspberry and a shot of espresso in it.

    My husband and kids all drink tea. A couple of years ago, when coffee got popular with the teenagers à la Starbuck’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, my son started drinking lattés. Being the frugal mom I am I taught myself to make them at home to save money and because he loves them. Coffee has become a little thing we do together in the morning, and I enjoy sharing it with him, especially since my nest will be empty soon.

    I remember once my sister- in -law was going through a rough time. I kept to myself a lot but we’d go out thrift shopping and antiquing. We hadn’t seen each other in awhile and she came by. I made coffee in my kitchen and we talked for awhile. A few days later we spoke again on the phone and she said “Thank you.”

    I said, “For what?”

    She said, “You made me coffee.”

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  15. Love reading all the comments about the different coffees that people like and love. I like just plain coffee with Coffeemate. Your card is so cute, I love the lipstick on the cup.

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