Gold Finch Mountains to Climb

gold finch watercolor card

After painting Spooky earlier this week, I still felt like doing more.

I was on a watercolor roll.

So while the paints and brushes were still out,

I saw a Youtube video by The Frugal Crafter.

Lindsay made painting a gold finch

look like a cinch.

So I made the one above.

Then I felt like Jodi’ing it up a teensy tinch,

which meant loosening it up and splattering a pinch.

So I went at it again – on my own this time.

That’s why this original is having a bit of a bad hair day…

Oh dear…..

I sure have mountains to climb!

gold finch watercolor bad hair day

Cheers & Hugs,


30 thoughts on “Gold Finch Mountains to Climb

  1. I like the Jodi version best! I’ve painted that same tutorial also. It was one of the first I tried. I love the colors in the first, but I love your looseness and splattering! He looks a bit frazzled, which I also like! Looks like you were having fun! πŸ’œ

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    • LOL! You would sweet Laura! You’re like that – such an encourager. I think the tutorial one is better myself πŸ™‚ It was so easy – did it in like 15 minutes. I can’t believe 2 months ago – it would have been so daunting. Such a fun journey of self-discovery! Thanks again my inspiration!

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  2. My first response was WOW! When I saw your bird paintings – YAY Jodi! You are doing AMAZING art! I like your loose style the best. Love seeing the progress you are making so quickly. Very impressive my friend! πŸ₯

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      • Oh, yes! If it wasn’t a challenge, then everybody would be doing it! 😊 And you really are doing very well! I’ve taken years of classes and I’m starting to feel more comfortable with the medium. It takes LOTS of practice for me. You make it look so easy. 😊

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      • You are so kind and encouraging. Sometimes it’s easy, and other times…. can frustrate the heck out of me when it doesn’t turn out how I wanted, but then I realize that is part of the growth and journey, and I feel satisfaction in knowing I will improve πŸ™‚ and to just enjoy!

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  3. I’ve just discovered your blog, purely by chance, as I was browsing some Stampin’ Up pictures, and wow, I think your watercolour paintings are amazing. You seem to think you are still learning, but hey, I love those birds! I’m not a watercolourer at all, neither can I draw, hence the rubber stamping, but if I could design and paint like you can, I’d be really pleased with myself. I’d love to follow your blog now and see what I can learn from you, that’s if you don’t mind lol! I’ve also spotted some awesome recipes that I may have to try too!! Thanks for giving me a lovely morning admiring your work, I’m looking forward to what’ll come next. Very best wishes and thanks again for sharing xx


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