How I turned Peach Coffee Cake with Browned Butter Peach Glaze into the HEALTHIEST Fruit Dessert EVER!

peach coffee cake with brown butter glaze

First, I spent about an hour or so early in the morning blanching, dicing, mixing, melting, streuseling,  spreading, baking, glazing, and plating.

peach coffee cake with brown butter glaze 2

I then cut a slice,
took a photo of the whole cake,
plated a slice for a photo,
placed it on the edge of the deck railing with the cake where I was photographing for good lighting so I could share here,
considered how I should be careful balancing so much on the railing….

peach coffee cake disaster

cleaned up the broken plate, ENTIRE cake AND plated slice out of the mulch 10 feet below the deck…

and cut up a ripe, juicy cantaloupe for dessert.


I’ll have to try that one again another time…

or not….

The upside:

We saved hundreds of calories,
The cantaloupe was SUPER sweet,
and I allowed myself an extra glass of wine that evening.  🙂

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  If you would like the recipe for the Peach Coffee Cake (which I cannot tell you how it tasted), here is a link to The SeaSideBaker where I found the recipe.  If you would like the recipe for my Cantaloupe dessert: cut up one fresh, ripe, juicy delicious cantaloupe into bite-sized pieces, and enjoy.  🙂

47 thoughts on “How I turned Peach Coffee Cake with Browned Butter Peach Glaze into the HEALTHIEST Fruit Dessert EVER!

  1. Bravo! I love how you turned your post around! Aww that coffee cake looked fabulously delicious. So good I wanted to grab my coffee and sit at your table this morning 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL! Gotta share my bloopers too – eh?! It’s the reality of it. One thing I hope I am is authentic 🙂 Faults and failures and all. The cantaloupe was really, really good though – and I did really have an extra glass of wine – even though I probably wouldn’t have eaten the cake anyway! tee hee hee!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is too cute!! Sometimes those disasters just make for great stories! I guess it was past the 5-second rule? 🙂 I spent an hour last weekend working on a crepe cake and just when I had completed it I moved the cake stand and the entire thing and the filling came crashing down and the puppy came running in from the next room. Sometimes all you can do is laugh!

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    • So true! It made for a much more fun story than if it turned out perfectly – eh?! 🙂 Oh dear – lucky puppy at your house! I got mine cleaned up before puppy could get to – but he is still sniffing around there…. he knows something happened that he missed LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

    • HaHa! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – so I laughed! You should have seen me trying to decide if I could salvage it! Decided NO in about 3 seconds. I’m sure I’ll thing of SOMETHING else to bake! 🙂


    • Thanks Elizabeth – No – I don’t eat all of these desserts – but I do try to at least taste so I can assure it is good 🙂 I love baking for family and friends though! The gratitude and enjoyment I receive from them gives me more pleasure than any piece of pie, cake or cookie!


  3. Oh NO! Your beautiful dessert became an upside down cake! 😢 I would have done more than shriek! I’m sure I would have shed a few tears too! Glad you could find the humor in it. 😄 And you deserved that extra glass of wine, just saying!!! 🍷

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gotta laugh – sure not worth crying over “spilled cake” 🙂 And the extra wine was the bonus – even though I wouldn’t have eaten the cake – hahahaha! Upside peach coffee cake would have been a good title/twist too you creative little genius you! 🙂

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