Doodlewashing for Draw a Bird Day

september draw a bird day cowbird art journal

Happy Back to ‘whatever it is you do on a regular basis’ after a nice long holiday weekend!

I recently did some “doodling” in my new art journal for Draw a Bird Day

september draw a bird day rose breasted grosbeak art journal

Then “washed” it with some watercolor.

#Doodlewashing is a fun word and “movement” that Charlie O’Shields and friends created that describes sketching and watercoloring.  Charlie’s blog inspires me daily.

And Laura at Create Art Everyday is one of my bestie bloggin’ buddies who puts the call out monthly for #DrawaBirdDay.

These were just really quick little sketches done in roller ball pen late one night and then painted early the next morning (for some reason I got up at 4:30 am that day, so took advantage of some free time).  If they look a little bit familiar, I drew them from two photos I had posted from the birds that visit our backyard:  The Rose Breasted Grosbeak and the Brown Headed Cowbird.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the fun and truly artistic creations everyone shares!

Cheers & Hugs,


PS  In honor of Laura and in memory of her recent loss of her beloved Penny, I sketched my first cat in my new art journal the other day.  Laura was on my heart as I was thinking of her grief and loss.  I just used a No. 2 pencil and followed some illustrative instructions from a new book I got called Drawing for the absolute beginner by Mark and Mary Willenbrink.  This is my first try at this book, and I look forward to doing more to better understand techniques and values and perspective, etc.  I’m such a jump-iner!  I need to slow down and learn!  Love ya Laura!

penny laura createarteverday

43 thoughts on “Doodlewashing for Draw a Bird Day

  1. You are a bestie to Laura with your cat gift sketch. Very touching. And your birds are remarkable ~ I like how you used the roller ball pen. Charlie’s Doodlewash is certainly creating a movement among us. Well, off I go to view more birds today and get back into the post holiday swing of things. What a great way to start off my day at your blog, Jodi! Have a grand day.

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  2. Awwwwwww Jodi! You are so the sweetest! I love your birds (your drawing skills are really improving, and you’ve barely even started drawing, right?!) but I do think the kitty is my favorite. I have seen that drawing book and you nailed the cat from that book! That is an awesome picture! Way to go! And it was so kind of you to draw a kitty for me. And not one but two birds! I love them all, and I’m so glad you joined us this month. Thank you again for your tribute to my furry daughter. 💜💜💜💜💜

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  3. Looks like you ROCKED it today, Jodi! Two AWESOME bird paintings! Wow! So great to see you using your new journal too! 🐦🎨💜
    And your kitty sketch is EXCELLENT! I’m so impressed with your willingness to jump in and START! Very touching tribute to Laura too. Keep up the good work! 🎨💛🌈

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  4. I love that today is Draw a Bird Day (as it’s also my birthday!) Birds are actually the one thing I can draw and have always like to draw since I was a kid (and have passed on the pleasure to my kids). Thanks for the inspiration! I may take a little “me time” today and try this doodlewashing technique. Like you, I love the name!

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  5. Wonderful artwork , Jodi! What a great start in your new art journal! Thanks for introducing us to ‘doodlewashing.’ It’s brand new to me…. and it looks like such fun! Keep sending us creative inspiration, dear Jodi! ♡

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  6. You are off to a great start filling that journal with lovely art! The birds are great, really like the lines and loose watercolor washes, excellent doodlewashing. The kitty is delightful and what a sweet and kind tribute to Laura and her Penny.

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