The Rest of the Gang from Moonbeam Farm

Dewey the Cat from Moonbeam Farm in Watercolor 8x10 140lb Cold Press

Dewey the Cat from Moonbeam Farm in Watercolor 8×10 140lb Cold Press

The Rest of the Gang from Moonbeam Farm.

I found a couple hours yesterday afternoon after a glorious, long holiday weekend to paint the other two characters that live on Moonbeam Farm with Odessa the Owl, who you may recall from a post last week.

Above is Dewey the cat.  Dewey is always hungry and always getting into mischief on the farm with his friends.

Below is Jaxon.  Jaxon is a magical Jackalope who often comes to Dewey’s rescue, but other times gets him into more trouble.

Jaxon the Jackalope on Moonbeam Farm in Watercolor 8x10 on 140lb Saunders Cold Press

Jaxon the Jackalope on Moonbeam Farm in Watercolor 8×10 on 140lb Saunders Cold Press

And in case you didn’t remember, this is Odessa.  Odessa is the wise (and wise-cracking) owl.

Odessa the Owl on Moonbeam Farm in Watercolor 8x10 140 lb Saunders Cold Press

Odessa the Owl on Moonbeam Farm in Watercolor 8×10 140 lb Saunders Cold Press

It was fun painting the animal characters that live on Moonbeam Farm and in the imagination of Carolyn and Colin who are working on a children’s book for kids from 1 to 101.

They’ve been sharing excerpts they collaboratively write  on Carolyn’s blog, and it’s been fun watching the characters and plot evolve.  Hope you’ll check it out and join the adventures!

Cheers & Hugs,


Making More Art

Blue Eyed Yellow Cat Face Close Up Watercolor - 7.5 x 9.5

Blue Eyed Yellow Cat Face Close Up Watercolor – 7.5 x 9.5

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done.
Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

– Andy Warhol

Just making more art!

Cheers & Hugs,

Watercolors:  Quinacridone Gold, Cerelean Blue, Opera Rose, Paynes Gray

Sometimes you just have to Bark: A Charlie Guest Post

charlie and kitty

I’m usually a pretty laid back, easy-going kinda guy.  But yesterday, I couldn’t take it any more.

Mom was busy with her job.  I don’t know what she does all day.  Seems she just stares at the screen of that computer thing or furiously taps on the keys or is talking to other voices through it.  Sure seems rather boring to me.

But I put up with it.

While she is doing that most of the day, I can usually keep myself pretty busy.  I might be doing any number of these great, fun things while she is working:

  • napping
  • playing donut (I especially like to squeak it loud when she is on what she calls a “conference call.”  If I do it enough, she give me a bone, because then I am much quieter.  Ha ha – who is the winner there?!
  • chewing on some old bones in my toy basket
  • emptying out my toy basket
  • going in and outside through my doggie door to explore what is going on in the yard
  • daydreaming out the window and watching for friends to come and go
  • chasing my tail

Don’t you agree that is a much better day than looking at a computer?!

One of the highlights of my day, though, is an afternoon walk.  Mom and I usually do that around what she calls “lunch” time.  She gets to eat AGAIN during the day for lunch.  I only get breakfast and dinner.  What is with that??!!  But – if I get a walk, I am pretty happy.  And besides, I almost always find things on the ground to eat along the way!

So yesterday, noon passed and one o’clock passed (I know this from my internal doggie clock) and then two o’clock passed.  Mom was still staring at that computer, and we had not gone for a walk.  I knew my friend, Kitty, was probably worried and wondered where we were, and I was getting a little “antsy.”

I started to pace.
Mom ignored me.

I licked her bare foot.
She shooshed me away.

I jumped in her lap!
Aha!  Now I have your attention lady!
She laughed and told me to be patient and wait a few more minutes.

So I waited… for what seemed like an eternity (about 20 seconds), and then I just had to do it….


I rarely bark.  No need for such noisy jabber, but sometimes…..
when no other hints or tactics work……
You just have to bark.

Mom laughed.  She really did need a break.
And we went for a walk.

And I got to tell Kitty all about how the barking worked.
Kitty is going to see if barking works at Kitty’s house too.

You might like to try it too…
at your house
if all else fails,
and you really need…
a walk.

Woofs & Wags,


Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Charlie and Kitty

Hi Friends!  Charlie here.

I was really anxious to introduce you to one of my new BFFs, so Mom let me guest post again today.   Yippee!!!

“Kitty” is one of my friends I look forward to seeing on my walks with Mom.

We met about two weeks ago, and now we look forward to seeing each other almost every day.

charlie and Kitty 2

We live about a mile or so apart, but I know when I am getting close to Kitty’s house.  I start pulling Mom looking to the other side of the street where Kitty lives, and Kitty comes running out from the porch to the edge of the yard to see me.

Oh how fun it is to sniff and cuddle and visit my friend!

I’ve heard some people say silly things like “fighting like cats and dogs,” and I just don’t get it….

Who wants to fight when we can be friends?!

Cat/Dog… Black/White… Male/Female…Republican/Democrat… Christian/Jew… Rich/Poor… Young/Old… Tall/Short… Thick/Thin…

Why can’t we all just be friends?!

Woofs & Wags,

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Doodlewashing for Draw a Bird Day

september draw a bird day cowbird art journal

Happy Back to ‘whatever it is you do on a regular basis’ after a nice long holiday weekend!

I recently did some “doodling” in my new art journal for Draw a Bird Day

september draw a bird day rose breasted grosbeak art journal

Then “washed” it with some watercolor.

#Doodlewashing is a fun word and “movement” that Charlie O’Shields and friends created that describes sketching and watercoloring.  Charlie’s blog inspires me daily.

And Laura at Create Art Everyday is one of my bestie bloggin’ buddies who puts the call out monthly for #DrawaBirdDay.

These were just really quick little sketches done in roller ball pen late one night and then painted early the next morning (for some reason I got up at 4:30 am that day, so took advantage of some free time).  If they look a little bit familiar, I drew them from two photos I had posted from the birds that visit our backyard:  The Rose Breasted Grosbeak and the Brown Headed Cowbird.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the fun and truly artistic creations everyone shares!

Cheers & Hugs,


PS  In honor of Laura and in memory of her recent loss of her beloved Penny, I sketched my first cat in my new art journal the other day.  Laura was on my heart as I was thinking of her grief and loss.  I just used a No. 2 pencil and followed some illustrative instructions from a new book I got called Drawing for the absolute beginner by Mark and Mary Willenbrink.  This is my first try at this book, and I look forward to doing more to better understand techniques and values and perspective, etc.  I’m such a jump-iner!  I need to slow down and learn!  Love ya Laura!

penny laura createarteverday

Remembering Spooky

black cat watercolor card

Our dear daughter-in-law lost a special beloved furry buddy this weekend.

My heart breaks for her as this is her first experience losing a pet.

I thought of her all day yesterday and wanted to do something special, so I decided to try to draw and watercolor a photo she posted in memory of Spooky and make it into a card last night.

This is my first try at doing a cat, and he sure doesn’t look exactly like sweet Spooky.  But hopefully it is close enough to give Colleen a little remembrance and show her how much I love her and ache for her loss.

Hugs & Sweet Memories,