I Just Can’t Handle My Licker

Charlie Christmas 2015

Try as I may, I just can’t handle my licker!

Do any of you have this problem?

This is mine and my dad’s chair.  I keep it warm and snuggly during the day for him, and we sometimes share it in the evenings (mostly when he is having snacks!)

We have this special pillow our friend, Jill, made for us one Christmas.  It is perfect for Dad and me.  Dad can be a little “grinchy” at Christmas time (he admits it himself!), and I am like his very friendly companion, Max who likes to lick him to make him happy.

Sometimes people get annoyed with my licking…

Like my brother when I lick his feet while he is sitting at his desk,

or my Dad when I try to give him licks right on the lips after a long walk and taste testing of “treasures” along the way!

Or like sweet babies that lay on the floor on my spot under the Christmas tree,


Or like the mailman who takes some time to sit on the porch with me to let me know how nice people can be…

And just last evening, Dad had a friend stop by, and I jumped right up on him and gave him a big slurpy lick!

Really – just about anyone who comes to visit gets a lick or two or three or five hundred.

Mom says it is hard to believe that just four short months ago, when I first got adopted and moved in here, I would have cowered away from anyone with my tail between my legs and the hair up on my back.    Seems like ancient history to me really.  I’ve come to learn there are lots and lots of kind, loving people in the world, and it is WONDERFUL!

Mom understands and knows these licks are usually just “doggie kisses.”  Right?!?

BUT…..  (there’s always a but – eh?)

Remember the watercolor forsythia card she made a few weeks ago?

forsythia watercolor card

Well, she had it on the floor as she was going to try scanning it, and well….


licked forsythia charlie

It WAS on the FLOOR!

Watercolor paint does not taste very good.  Just sayin’.

It does kind of make a beautiful abstract – whadayathink???

(doggie sigh)

Sorry!  I just can’t handle my licker!

Slurpy, Sloppy Doggie Kisses,

50 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Handle My Licker

    • You know, I hadn’t thought of it, but what an insightful observation, Sylvia. You are right. 🙂 He is getting VERY confident! Sometimes too! LOL! He brings such joy to our home. Nobody else could make me laugh so much first thing in the morning with his exuberance for life and a new day! 🙂

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  1. LOL!! Oh Charlie I wouldn’t mind getting a a doggy kiss from you!! And hey now you left your mark on that beautiful card so your Mom can add your name to the back of it 🙂 Yes this world is made up of some wonderful people, so glad you have been able to see that with the help of your Wonderful Mom and Dad!!

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  2. Wow! I’m so jealous you got your dog to paint with you!! 😊lol That’s awesome! Charlie is quite creative…not many can doodlewash by tongue. It’s a very coveted skill! Well…it’s weird on humans and people tend to avoid those people, but it’s super cute on dogs! Nice work, Charlie! 😃👍🏻

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  3. This is hysterical! My little Frodo Man is also quick to lavish a kiss or two and like Charlie, anything left on the ground level is fair game. However, he is more prone to shredding anything made of fiber (paper towels, tissues, etc.). Lucky you that you only had an attempt at “improving” your work rather than a partial destruction of the substrate! :0)

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    • Incidentally, I use Frodo’s picture as my profile photo. Doesn’t he jus look like he is alway up to something. Australian Cattle Dogs are ALWAYS up to SOMEthing. He was a rescue as well–only from a friend who had to place him…to keep him out of a shelter. He has been a bundle of joy in our household since his first week in our home.

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  4. LOL! You put your own special touches to your mom’s beautiful card! When you can’t handle your licker then it means you are a very happy dog! I know you are happy, happy, and happy in your new home. You are a very lucky lickity lick dog! XOXOXO (from me and Bria)

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  5. Oh Charlie, get control of your licker or you may have to go to “Miss Jodi’s School of Licking Manners”. Of course, maybe your mom should put you in a doggie watercolor class, your tongue makes for the perfect brush! 💕 Do try to get control of yourself during the holidays. Heehee.


  6. Oh you’ve been a bad dog there bub, not all hoomans like a lickin’. I suggest asking your vet clinic, might be a substance that will curtail this. Zeus likes to lick too, he stops when I say NO!


  7. I knew you were an artist, Charlie! ❤️ Your mom needs to attach a brush to your tail and maybe water down the paint with a little beef broth (just saying) and let you have a go at it! You would look very handsome sporting a beret! 😉


  8. Sweet of you to give your mom’s painting so much approval, now, if she goes back into it and re-define the blurred shapes…what a wonderful collaborative piece it will become! And oh so special. I too have a young fellow who went from shy and reserved to a ‘licker’…and that is alright with me…dog kisses for everyone!!!

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  9. Hmmm… Charlie a kiss or two is nice and I don’t think Mom or Dad mind some licking when you groom yourself but licking everyone all the time is what bad dogs do lol. I know people have salty skin but maybe going to chew on a toy or a pigs ear might be better. Nikki wasn’t much of a licker. She only licked (kissed) when we wanted her to so I don’t quite know how to help you. Be a good boy!

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  10. So nice to hear from you Charlie. We are happy to know that you are feeling so comfortable in your new home. There is nothing better in the whole wide world than to have humans who love you♡ Licking can sometimes get us into trouble too but we just can’t help ourselves. Keep in touch and have a very Merry Christmas! Remember your prayers each night and when you do be sure to thank the Lord for giving you a loving family. Xoxo Peter Piper and Pee Pee Paddy Shea.

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  11. ROFL!!! Oh my. Thanks for the warning Charlie. I’ll bring a raincoat for 1,2, 3, or 500 kisses I hope to get should we ever meet! 🙂
    Hope Mom wasn’t too upset about that watercolor painting. At least now you know you don’t like watercolor paints so won’t lick those again…right? 🙂

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  12. Well, that card did look as if it might taste good, so I don’t blame you for giving it a quick lick just to see! And of course you must kiss the people you love, and the people you like, and the people you’ve just met, etc….. So carry on, Charlie! It’s good to see you so happy!

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