Charlie: Brothers are the Best

charlie and nick

Nick & Charlie 1/31/16

When I moved into my new home six months ago, not only did I get a new mom and and dad, I also got two new brothers (and a sister-in-law and a really nice girlfriend).  My brother Nick lives here, and we have sure become buddies.

My brother Jake is married, so he doesn’t live here with us, but I really love when he comes to visit.  I will never forget my first day in my new home.  Jake came over to meet me right away that first day.  He couldn’t wait to meet me, and even though I was very shy back then, I will always remember and appreciate his warm, loving welcome.

Funny to think back those six months ago when I was so afraid and skeptical of people.  My how life has changed.  I now welcome visitors, have lots of friends, and even enjoy sitting with my brother sometimes in the evening while watching television.

Moms and Dads are great, but Brothers….  they sure are the best!

Woofs & Wags,

(apologies for blurry photo – taken in the dark with iPhone – couldn’t resist capturing!)

Anticipation – Charlie Style

Charlie anticipation cookies

Mom finally baked some cookies the other day!

It’s been weeks!

She said we had plenty of them over the holidays and needed a break.

But my brother and my Dad and I kept looking around for some and commenting about no cookies being around, so Mom broke down and made some.


This is how I sit with my Dad when “we” are eating cookies.  Mom calls this my look of “anticipation.”  (and I have no clue what that double chin thing going on is there in this very unflattering photo!  Oh Mom!!)

My Dad is very nice and almost always shares…. not as much as I’d like…. but even a crumb is worth waiting for!  

Have you had my Mom’s cookies?!  Though I must say, I’d wait just the same for a stale cracker, but that’s besides the point…

It is very important that I do not take my eyes off of Dad’s mouth OR the cookie, so I watch very attentively.  It requires a “very particular set of skills” that I have honed.  When I do this, he remembers I am there and remembers to share.

Anyway – not only are we happy, but Mom also shared some of these cookies with a couple of my best friends:  Cliff the mailman and Mike the UPS man.  They both stopped by to visit me the day she baked them, so they got to take some with them after our visit too.  They are both so nice and always share cookies with me, so I guess it is only fair – right?!  At least that is what Mom says.

And if I am smart enough to know which side my bread is buttered on, I better agree!

Woofs & Wags from your buddy,

I Just Can’t Handle My Licker

Charlie Christmas 2015

Try as I may, I just can’t handle my licker!

Do any of you have this problem?

This is mine and my dad’s chair.  I keep it warm and snuggly during the day for him, and we sometimes share it in the evenings (mostly when he is having snacks!)

We have this special pillow our friend, Jill, made for us one Christmas.  It is perfect for Dad and me.  Dad can be a little “grinchy” at Christmas time (he admits it himself!), and I am like his very friendly companion, Max who likes to lick him to make him happy.

Sometimes people get annoyed with my licking…

Like my brother when I lick his feet while he is sitting at his desk,

or my Dad when I try to give him licks right on the lips after a long walk and taste testing of “treasures” along the way!

Or like sweet babies that lay on the floor on my spot under the Christmas tree,


Or like the mailman who takes some time to sit on the porch with me to let me know how nice people can be…

And just last evening, Dad had a friend stop by, and I jumped right up on him and gave him a big slurpy lick!

Really – just about anyone who comes to visit gets a lick or two or three or five hundred.

Mom says it is hard to believe that just four short months ago, when I first got adopted and moved in here, I would have cowered away from anyone with my tail between my legs and the hair up on my back.    Seems like ancient history to me really.  I’ve come to learn there are lots and lots of kind, loving people in the world, and it is WONDERFUL!

Mom understands and knows these licks are usually just “doggie kisses.”  Right?!?

BUT…..  (there’s always a but – eh?)

Remember the watercolor forsythia card she made a few weeks ago?

forsythia watercolor card

Well, she had it on the floor as she was going to try scanning it, and well….


licked forsythia charlie

It WAS on the FLOOR!

Watercolor paint does not taste very good.  Just sayin’.

It does kind of make a beautiful abstract – whadayathink???

(doggie sigh)

Sorry!  I just can’t handle my licker!

Slurpy, Sloppy Doggie Kisses,

Chatting with Charlie

charlie 3 months

Hi Friends –

Mom finally took a break from blabbering about Winsor and Newton Prussian Blue to allow me to get a word in edge wise!  Shheeesh!

How have you all been?
Well…. enough about you…

Can you believe I have been in my new home three months now?

I am really settling in and feeling comfortable.

Comfortable enough to reach up onto the kitchen counter when something yummy smelling is within reach….

Comfortable enough to snag Dad’s soft and fluffy slipper and take out in the yard to play with and pull all the stuffing out of…

Comfortable enough to find my voice and “Rooooofff” when Mom isn’t quick enough to get her shoes on when she mentions we are going for a walk, and I have already waited an antagonizing 15-20 seconds…

Comfortable enough to grumble at Dad when he tries to roll over when I am snuggled up by his feet prohibiting him from moving in the middle of the night because I am cold and Mom and Dad’s bed is so much warmer than mine….

Comfortable enough for Mom to let me off my leash when I see my neighbor, Jim, so I can run to him and jump up and kiss him right on the lips because I am so happy to see him….

Comfortable enough to “drop it” when Mom tells me to – even though I want to play tug with my favorite toy…

Comfortable enough to wait patiently in the yard while Mom and Dad leave in their car and truck, watching the leaves blow until they come home again….

It’s a good life…

A dog’s life…

My life.

Woofs and Wags,

Special Guest Blogger Post: A Walk with Mikey

Mikey walk

Sometimes I stick my tongue out at my Mom when she takes my picture for the umpteenth time

Some of you may remember me from my debut blog post back in November.

Mom was looking for a break, so I offered to write today’s post and share a bit from our adventures yesterday.  (Well… she did the typing, but I did all the creative thinking!)

First off… I’m very proud to share that, with the break in weather and the opportunity to get back out and walk with Mom, I fit back into this spring jacket / raincoat (albeit barely fit) since loosing the 3 or 4 lbs I recently packed on.  Don’t I look svelte?!

Mikey walk raincoat

When the weather was below zero for weeks on end, the only exercise I was getting was my occasional escape into the woods when Mom or Dad weren’t paying attention where I was secretly feasting on the hind quarter of a deer I found (all by myself!).   Then Dad had to go and spoil everything by tracking my footprints in the snow the led him directly to my snacking spot.  I should have taking some twists and turns to throw him off, but my exuberance to get directly there won out.

Since it was still in the below freezing temperatures when Dad found MY deer, the best he could do was attempt burying it with sticks and random stuff that I had ABSOLUTELY NO TROUBLE getting past, so when caught again (due to the smell on my breath and the size of my waistline) when returning from “going potty,” I was grounded.

Seriously…. Grounded!?  How humiliating!  My doggie door was BLOCKED!  No free range for me.  I had to humble myself to ring the hanging bell on the front door when I absolutely HAD to go out.

So when Mom started offering walks again recently when the weather broke, I got my mojo back and thought I’d share a bit of our adventure with you all.

Monday was so warm and sunny, we didn’t think to take pictures since we were enjoying it so much.  Yesterday was a bit drizzly and dreary, but that didn’t hold us back – though we did only have the iPhone with us to capture these snippets we are sharing.

Mikey walk snow melting

Don’t you just hate when ‘someone’ shares this rear-angle view of you?! SHEESH!

First stop was this tree that has been troubling me for a while now.  I really wish my friend Jim would get back from Florida!  He would be appalled to see this tree down and laying in his yard.  And besides, I am sure he misses seeing me walk by his house daily and letting me run around his yard and give me ear scratches and belly rubs.  COME HOME JIM!

Mikey walk Jim tree down

There are several of these bright red fire hydrants that we pass on our walk.  We thought our friend Dan at RedStuffDan would like this shot.  He takes some amazing photos (most with red stuff) from a place called South West France.   Whatever…

Mikey walk fire hydrant

It is exciting to see all the things that have been buried under the snow for so long.  I was very carefully sniffing around these VERY prickly things that have fallen on the ground from a large tree.  They were not really very interesting to me, but I’ll bet our friend PJ from BeautifulWords would think of a funny or heartwarming story to write about them!

Mikey walk prickly tree things

When we saw this litter, we thought of our friend Jo at DailyRecord365 and the beautiful work of art she made from the things she collected on her recent walk.  Mom and I have decided we are going to try to remember to carry a trash bag one day a week and pick up this ugly litter people have thrown out on our beautiful stretch of walk.

Mikey walk trash

It was great to see and hear the water running in this little creek that runs under the road and into the woods that has been frozen for so long.  We envision John at JustMobilePhotos doing something crazy cool with his photo editing skills with this one and making it all dreamy and freaky looking, or Sylvia at SpanishWoods writing something poignant in just a few words that would make us smile and remember this moment all day.

Mikey walk water running

Every time we pass these beautiful blue spruce trees (that smell like Christmas by the way), we think of our friend Barbara at SilverintheBarn and all the beautiful arrangements she creates and how much she loves and misses blue spruce trees.  Come visit Barbara and we can send some back with you!  And maybe a certain little Westie-boy would like to join us for a walk.

Mikey blue spruce

I am very curious about walking up this path, but Mom says that bright orange sign means we are not allowed.  We try to follow the rules (except when fresh venison is involved!)  And we know our friend JR at Nuggets of Gold would want us to do the right thing.

Mikey walk no trespassing

It was a great walk, but I got quite muddy… And we all know what that means……

the dreaded “B” word!

Yep – you guessed it – BATH – I had to immediately get in the laundry room stationary tub (seriously!?! – there are other much nicer tubs in the house!)  Albert from AlbertsNewYork – are you with me here?!  Do your people make you bathe in the laundry tub?  HELP!

Mikey bath

And then my Mom thinks this is a cute way to dry me off….  MH at MotherHenDiaires – please hold your tongue – I know you have something to say about this pose – but I beg you to spare your wit at my expense (unless it involves one of your chickens as a treat!)

Mikey towel

This is how I like to dry off!  Like a real man!  Like AI from AlmostIowa who lives in a cabin in the woods and writes about macho, manly stuff and doesn’t feel the need to check freshness dates on things (like dead deer in the woods).

Mikey drying

But after all this excitement, I need to rest.  And my favorite place is to undo Mom and Dad’s bed and snuggle between my Dad’s two pillows and hide my nose (but never my eyes that are always on the lookout – unless they close –  for the UPS man or squirrels or deer or bunnies or birds or the pizza delivery man or….) and I dream about Laura at CreateArtEveryDay capturing my beautiful eyes in one of her famous sketches and challenging people to guess who it is (since I am kinda famous) or maybe Jenny from RamblingsfromaMum could write a beautiful poem about me….

Mikey after bath in bed

Well – I’m exhausted after all of this blogging stuff, so I think I will take a nap, but I hope you will write and comment so Mom will give me more opportunities to be a guest blogger here at lifeinbetween.  After all, I am part of what makes her life so darn wonderful!


paw printMikey McKinney