I heart reading books

Words are…

letters put together
in many combinations
allowing us to express ourselves.

Words can…

love or hate
good or bad
praise or condemnation
hope or fear
joy or grief.

Words can…

teach or destroy
be whispered or shouted
spoken or sung
written or read.

Each day
may the words we choose
be used wisely.

Cheers & Hugs,

27 thoughts on “Words

  1. Words can tear apart or build you up. Hope all my words this year are building blocks of happiness, greatness and love. Jodi your words are reminders of how words can hurt or help, hate or love, distroy or build up. We all need this reminder….thanks so much.

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  2. I love the power of words. My biggest fear of our new technology is that we will lose the written word, which is different from the spoken word. Both are important, but I do love the written word more…. Thanks for being one of those writers who uses her words to always helps others!

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