Painting Puddles of Violet, Gold, and Turquoise

violet gold turquoise abstract watercolor

I have just discovered

that I am in love

with Violet, Gold and Turquoise

combined together in every way.

It started when I randomly created this bird with some leftover paint when designing my pine tree Christmas thank you cards.

purple gold and turquoise bird watercolor

And my son, Nick, told me it would be more interesting if I had a set or a series of three paintings.

Well – that is all it took to get me splashing in puddles of violet, gold and turquoise last evening.

purple gold and turquoise butterfly watercolor

He and hubby like this butterfly best.

I love the color block abstract.

violet gold turquoise abstract watercolor

It was so fun splashing it on and turning it around and shaking it and watching the watercolor paint do it’s magic.

To me – it is pure artistic magic.  The colors tell the story, and the story is unique to each individual viewing it.

After a couple of days of frustration trying to recreate some scenes I thought would be easier than they were, I just allowed myself to splash and see what happened.

And it felt good.

This is what is great about snowy, cold January evenings after the holidays.

Embrace them, and do what makes your heart sing!

I may not be a great artist, but I’m a girl with a paint brush and an easel and time at the end of the day to cherish,

and that is what I’m doing.

Cheers & Hugs,


48 thoughts on “Painting Puddles of Violet, Gold, and Turquoise

      • 😝. I know. It sure is in the eye of The beholder. And I don’t know why but I am madly in love with the abstract one that is just color dripped on the paper. Then I start doubting my eye because I wonder if anybody else sees what I see in it. But that is not what I am to worry about right? 😝

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      • Oh yeah. Who cares? You’re having fun and you made something beautiful. I’ve found that whether I love something I post, or really don’t like it (but felt the “need” to post daily, so it got posted anyway), that doesn’t change based on the comments or the likes. It really doesn’t matter. If I love something, I love it. And if I don’t, I may dislike it less if I get lots of good feedback but I’m probably never gonna love it just because others did. Ya know?

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      • You know – something just occurred to me. I think the reason I love it is because there was no expectation of what it is “supposed” to be, so it can’t be “wrong!” how about that?! 🙂

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  1. I find art is best when you just honestly go at it and let whatever comes out of your fingers and hands come out. You may have to work on it more after but for getting the idea out you are right to go with what feels best. You’re paintings are great Jodi!

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    • Thanks for your wise words sweet Mandi! I think the reason I love the abstract is that I had no goal for what it was “supposed” to be so I couldn’t do it “wrong!” 🙂 It just makes my heart sing for some reason. A few friends have said it reminds them of Aurora Borealis, and now that is exactly what I see – lol!

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      • Awesome. I don’t think the word wrong applies in art. It’s all a matter of taste and judgement. And those are different for every single one of us. Plus, learning and getting better for yourself means every piece won’t turn out exactly how you thought it would. But I think that that is good a lot of the time 🙂 Good luck with your future projects. Your Aurora Borealis is beautiful.

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  2. WOW – Grabbed my attention! love the abstract the most. it is finely balanced with dark, mid, light. my eyes….. are pulled… INTO this image! there is ‘something in there’ to see! that is how I see this one. Love it! colour combo is stunning. great job, Jodi Artist! cheers, Debi

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  3. I agree with Nick and your husband…the butterfly. I think you’ve hit on a great color combination, Jodi. The turquoise is vibrant and alive, while the gold grounds the subject, but it’s the violet that infuses the subject with life.


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