A Song Sparrow Watercolor for Draw a Bird Day

watercolor song sparrow 01 2016

It’s #DrawABirdDay with my blogging friends (officially April 8th, but we like to do it on the 8th of EVERY month), so I decided to give a go at a beautiful photo I saw of a song sparrow on Instagram taken by Lisa Snow in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I love the sparrows that come to our back deck feeders – especially in the winter when the snow is falling.

Thanks for your ongoing inspiration Laura @ CreateArtEveryday!  This sparrow is in honor of you and your generosity and support.  (She is the one who did the sweet painting of Charlie and surprised me for my birthday!)

Enjoy all that nature has to offer today and everyday, and maybe go ahead and create some art from it!

Cheers & Hugs,


PS  This month’s #DrawABirdDay is hosted by our friends Kerfe and Nina @ MethodtwoMadness.  A sweet, artistic blog of two friends.  Thanks Ladies!

51 thoughts on “A Song Sparrow Watercolor for Draw a Bird Day

  1. Great job! Sparrows don’t always get the attention that they should get since they may not be as colorful to look at, but they are important to!This sparrow is letting you know that being all puffed up 🙂

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  2. Awwww so sweet! I love the bit of snow on his head also! Sparrows are challenging subjects with all of their markings. Way to go, Jodi! You are rocking this watercolor thing, girl! I’m very glad to have inspired you. I still remember that long ago convo with Jill where your birdiness decided to fly. Very cool. She inspires me still! And so do you. Thanks for the mention and fly high, my friend!

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  3. Beautiful :-). I love how intense birds look when they look right at you! Your color variations are lovely – the browns and greys and hints of beige. I’m curious – how did you make the little white lines over the brown feathers? They look great.

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