Patient enough to wait

rose of sharon winter flower pod

Even in the shadows

of cold, gray winter days

the Rose of Sharon seed pod

glows with vibrant light

and hope

and promise

of pink and purple petals

and green leaves

and summer sunshine

if only

we are

patient enough

to wait.


Cheers & Hugs,

28 thoughts on “Patient enough to wait

  1. Our “backyard” tree is a Rose of Sharon. It’s wonderful, flowers all summer, although for some reason the first budding last year just fell off before opening. The sparrows love it and are always gathering in the tree and chattering away. It is definitely a special day when the flowers first appear. (K)

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    • I love rose of sharon. Its another reminder of my grandma as she had them lining her driveway. The sparrows and birds hang out in our rose of sharon too! The big one is at the edge of the deck and taller than the story up the deck is where the bird feeders are so it is a perfect spot for them. πŸ™‚


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