Charlie: Brothers are the Best

charlie and nick

Nick & Charlie 1/31/16

When I moved into my new home six months ago, not only did I get a new mom and and dad, I also got two new brothers (and a sister-in-law and a really nice girlfriend).  My brother Nick lives here, and we have sure become buddies.

My brother Jake is married, so he doesn’t live here with us, but I really love when he comes to visit.  I will never forget my first day in my new home.  Jake came over to meet me right away that first day.  He couldn’t wait to meet me, and even though I was very shy back then, I will always remember and appreciate his warm, loving welcome.

Funny to think back those six months ago when I was so afraid and skeptical of people.  My how life has changed.  I now welcome visitors, have lots of friends, and even enjoy sitting with my brother sometimes in the evening while watching television.

Moms and Dads are great, but Brothers….  they sure are the best!

Woofs & Wags,

(apologies for blurry photo – taken in the dark with iPhone – couldn’t resist capturing!)

58 thoughts on “Charlie: Brothers are the Best

  1. I love that photo Charlie! You are very photogenic! So is your handsome brother! Oh, and you are handsome too. 🙂 I am so glad your perfect home found you and brought you to your forever home. I am so glad that you are a happy and contented boy and loved so much. So keep keeping in touch with us!! xoxoxo (from Bria)

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  2. Charlie you sure are a lucky boy 🙂
    My new mommy says I could become as lucky as you if only I could learn a thing or two from you and behave a little , just a tiny little better . I’ve only been here for 4 days and I’m loving it . I had 3 furry brothers welcoming me and a two-legged one (a precious girl) . But now my mommy is saying I’ve conquered almost all the points I needed towards a ticket back to where I came from 😦 . Do you know what she means ? what can I do to not be sent back ? the two legged sister is telling me mommy is the most patient parent I could have but she is losing it 😦
    Woof woof


  3. Lucky you, Charlie! Wish I had people brothers. I’m too far away from People family! But, I’ve got a dog brother, Sammy! Even though he didn’t like me at first, now he’s my buddy! I was a puppy and 3 years younger, and he taught me everything! You know what I mean! Still wish I had some great people brothers like you! 🐶 Barks & Wags, Charley (Sammy too)


    • and the chocolate chip cookies. One thing about my brother, mr George – he doesn’t like to share his snacks very well with me… :\ He’s worried about my boyish figure! Who cares!! Right??!! ❤ love charlie

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  4. Charlie! I always love your posts 🙂 what a wonderful family and very nice brother to get “photos” too! you’ve made so much progress since you first arrived, its amazing….. cheers, Mate!


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