A Morning Mourning Dove

mourning dove on snowy branch 011216

Mourning Dove – Mars, PA 1/12/16

In the silence of early morning
just before the  break of dawn,

You are puffed up soft and fluffy,
perched and clinging high atop the tree.

What a bright, warm sight you are
amidst the dark and snowy shadows.

But your haunting lament belies
your soft, yet vibrant allure.

Oh morning Mourning Dove
what conflicting emotions you evoke…

darkness and light,
joy and grief,
morning and mourning.


Cheers & Hugs,

33 thoughts on “A Morning Mourning Dove

  1. Gorgeous shot and nice verse, and oh so true. These birds have always creeped me out. Hub thinks I’m weird but it goes back to one getting stuck in my dad’s shop when I was young and my uncle dying soon after. Lol weird story for your morning, Jodi! Love your photo and verse. 💛

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    • I’m so glad they did, Jilly! I often just choose a photo I love and let it speak to me throughout the day – thinking about it – and sometimes it is just quick thoughts. This one spoke throughout the day 🙂

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  2. Hi Jodi! great photo with the snow falling, yet blurred and soft;
    Mourning Dove is a lovely gentle bird with kind eyes and soft pretty eyes! I’ve always liked their name…. as it reminds me of the Native American’s name for a girl, Morning Dove 🙂

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  3. Hi Jody!!..I just visited your site for the second time? .. I love your poem today, and the beautiful Morning Dove Photograph. It is evening now, in Canada, but the snow falling only adds to the mood of the ” Dove! ” I am looking forward to seeing your daily blogs about ‘ life in between!” 😊 Thank you!! Joanne wighton

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