A Peaceful State of Mind

abstract cobalt teal and inka gold lifeinbetween

Abstract Cobalt Teal & Inka Gold (inspired by Debi Riley)

A State of Mind

Wishing you waves of peace
richness of gold
and a world of happiness

this Sunday and always.

Cheers & Hugs,

This abstract piece I created was done on a 5×7″ sheet of 140 lb. cold press shizen professional grade rough texture rag watercolor paper that is 100% recyled from post consumer waste.  I love the texture of it and bought a package of 100 sheets through Blick.  I’m curious to know if others have tried it.  I typically use Arches, but am loving this paper.  

I began by slathering on some Inka Gold acrylic paint with a palette knife leaving it thicker and lumpier in some places.  After it dried, I added some cobalt teal blue watercolor to one side and then mixed a bit of lemon yellow into it for the green on the other side.  Before it dried, I placed a crinkled up piece of saran wrap on it, which I did not remove until the paint dried.  It is really beautiful in person, and I am even making card prints from it for our ETSY Shop.  

34 thoughts on “A Peaceful State of Mind

  1. This is a really interesting piece, Jodi. I was checking out your links. I feel like I’ve heard of that paper, but was reading the reviews to learn more about it. I don’t think I’ve ever tried rough paper. I think I ordered one sheet of the Arches rough from Blick during the summer, but I don’t think I’ve tried it yet. I placed a huge order for a ton of Arches 140# CP during the summer, because I just love it for WC, and the price was better for more sheets. I’ve not even begun to put a dent in it, and now I’m getting more into abstracts/acrylics, hoping I’ll still use it all. I guess I can gesso it and use it for abstract work. Anyway…I’d not heard of that acrylic paint before either. Interesting post all the way around, and great texture you’re getting there! I like the bright blue you added also; lots for the eye to stick around and look at here. Also love your use of the white spaces. This is cool, and it looks like the rough texture was a good choice for the type of effects you’re looking for!

    I have a question for you: how are you making prints? Do you scan and print, or photograph and print? And if you’re scanning and printing, would you mind sharing the make and model of your printer and scanner. My printer friend is great, but she is running a business and needs to make a profit too, obviously. I think for a start-up business like my art business would be, the prices are too high and so I’d rather try and do it myself. Yes, they won’t be Giclee quality, but not sure that really matters at this point. (Her printers are massive and the ink and machines are really very expensive; I just wonder do I need to make museum-quality prints as a start-up?)

    Anyway…..this is beautiful, and I’ll be really curious where this takes you!


    • Hi Laura. Funny you should ask as I was just reaching out to Sharon Mann with same questions hoping to chat with her about what she does. I have been scanning in for my cards and adjusting slightly if needed with photoshop though I have so much to learn about that program. I have an epson workforce printer. Sharon says she takes photos and adjust in Photoshop and says better quality so I need to try that. I for some reason thought scanning would be better. Anyway on the road today so can’t tell you exact model right now. Will get back to you on it. Were the reviews good on the paper? I love the rough texture. I really love 300 lb paper but so much pricier

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      • I should try 300#, haven’t done so yet, but if WC isn’t going to be my thing, then no point investing more money into it. I should probably get one sheet though, would be worth it. The reviews on that paper were mixed. People are saying it’s very absorbent, which is probably not good for what I’d be wanting, and not sure the rough texture is right for me either, but I’d have to experiment and see. I tend to think that iPhone photos are probably better than most affordable scanners can do. I think that’s why Sharon uses her phone to get the images. This is what I’ve used since the beginning and I get crisp images, but I’m not a good photographer, which holds me back. I’d think your photos would be fine – you probably have amazing cameras in your phone and not! I’d think that your resolutions would have to be higher with nice cameras than a scanner, unless the scanner is really nice and pricey. I always thought scanning would be better too, but I start to wonder. If I can save myself the extra $, I’ll do it! Have fun, whatever you’re doing!

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  2. The beautiful thing about abstracts is that they can be whatever your mood determines them to be…I first saw a world map, then a beach, then fool’s gold. Love this piece, Jodi! ❤ And I also enjoyed the conversation you had with Laura about the medium and method of converting to print. 🙂

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