Charlie and the Girls Next Door

charlie and the girls next door

A new girl moved in next door, and I’m in Loooooooveee!

My neighbor, Pippa, got a new sister named Twiggy!  She is a rescued dog, just like me, so she has a special place in my heart. ❤

She is beautiful and friendly, and I am one of the luckiest boys on the planet!

We had a little time to visit yesterday on my walk, because Pippa and Twiggy’s mom was taking them for a walk too!

Hope you are finding as much joy this weekend as I am!  And if you are not, you might want to go out to your local animal shelter and adopt a pet like our parents did!  We have so much love to give!

Woofs & Wags,

47 thoughts on “Charlie and the Girls Next Door

    • Thanks ms pj – hope you and bria have a nice day too – it’s a beautiful sunny spring day in Mars and the birds are chirping – It’s Spring It’s Spring! YIPPEE!!! ❤ charlie


      • Yippee!! Spring has finally sprung in Mars! That’s great for you Charlie because it means more WALKS! (And visits with your girlfriends and kitty). Spring is springing here too! I’m glad the long winter is finally over! (almost finally over).

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  1. Wonderful! Oh they’re so beautiful! Wonder if they’d pose for a picture ?! Happy weekend, Jodi. I’m heading straight to the office this morning but I will catch up later on today, saw your lovely comment earlier. Take care. Loving having my daughter in! 💜💜💜

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  2. Oh Charlie, new girl friends that are so cute! Truth be told, I have four (yes four-gulp) rescue dogs (straight from the humane society) ranging from 12 pounds up to 70 pounds. My senior boy was adopted a few years ago when he was 13. Heck my daughter is adopted! I believe everyone deserves a good home and a family.

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  3. Lovely you have a new friend Charlie. She’s a pretty cute dog too! When I’m able, I will definitely look to adopt a pet from a shelter. Good advice. Say hi to your pretty Mom for me!

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  5. How cute Jodi! I have a friend that just rescued a cat, he had been up for adoption for a long time because he was no longer a kitten, and everyone wanted kittens. When she chose him, they told her, “oh that’s Cary Grant! He’s a great cat!” My friend said he is very happy in his new home, but she wasn’t comfortable calling him Cary, so she changed his name to Hairy Grant and he seems to like it just fine!

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  6. I’m glad you have a new friend, Charlie! And thanks for encouraging everyone to go to a shelter and adopt a new friend. I know lots of shelter dogs who are waiting for a forever home, and they really appreciate you speaking for them. Keep up the good work, Charlie!

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