44 thoughts on “Spring Forward

    • Awh! Thanks Laura – I didn’t think it was very good, but decided to show it anyway – haha! The black lines are panes gray paint. The white highlights I did at the very end with a white gel pen. It is a great little detailer when needed (like for eye highlights) Thanks for the birthday wishes for Nick, and have another great day with your daughter!

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  1. That’s beautiful, and really neat with the texture in the foreground. Clever use of the highlight pen!

    I really like the 140lb hot press paper, and am also going to try some more “high end” papers along with some different brands of watercolor paints. I have some Lukas AQuarell 1862 watercolor paints arriving this week I can’t wait to try, and I have some Aquash brushes I need to try too. I want to be brave and try plein air sketching and painting. πŸ™‚

    I think it’s important for us to try new papers, paints, brushes, and subjects so we grow and discover who we are as creators/artists. In addition it’s just as important find out what we like and don’t, what works, and what doesn’t work as well, etc.

    I see your style already, and recognize your work. I still am evolving and haven’t developed mine yet. I may never, but I’m having fun in the meantime.

    Have a lovely day with the family today. Happy Birthday to your son!

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    • Oh Deborah! thank you so much! it is funny how others see “my style” before me! πŸ™‚ I hope you will begin to share some of your work! thank you for your sweet and kind encouragement!

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