He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

watercolor globe world

My son, Nick, challenged me to try something different in watercolor as a painting for him.  He requested something like “space” or planets or the world.  Well – that’s a pretty wide open request, so I asked him to show me some examples of things he liked, and he sent me a few ideas.

I really loved what he had found, so I used one as an example to try to recreate it Jodi-ish.  This painting is done on 10×14″ 300 lb Arches Cold Press.  I used Winsor & Newton Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Yellow and New Gamboge, Windsor Violet, and Burnt Sienna watercolors.  I also used liquid frisket to mask off some white spaces I wanted to be certain to preserve.

I’m excited to mat and frame it for him!

In full respect and disclosure to the original artist, to view and/or purchase the original art print that inspired this, prints are available here at a home decor shop called Artollo.  It appears the artist is Elena Romanova, who goes by Fairy Somnia, and I am a new total fan of this young lady from London!  Her loose, impressionistic style is my favorite way to paint. I hope she appreciates the shout out and my admiration of her work.

Cheers & Hugs,

49 thoughts on “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

      • I’m about to order some 300 lb. wc paper…..Blick sent me samples of all different weights and textures from three different manufacturers. Haven’t had the time to try them out yet, but I bet if they sent it to me, they’d send it to you too! You just have to ask for a product specialist when you call the toll free number…..they xfer you to an artist. Can you explain how the 300 lb. is different? Does it give you more open time to paint? I imagine it is less prone to buckling too? (I’m wondering how many sheets to order at once. 10 sheets plus and you get a break on the shipping, but not sure I should order that many….I know I can use it for acrylic too because it’s so heavy, so that’s a plus.)

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      • Cool. Will have to do! It is heavier so can handle more water and not warp and more “fiddling.” I bought a block with 10 sheets 10 x 14. I do find lately i really like the smoothness of hot press too for more fluid shapes.

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      • I’ve tried hot press in the past and didn’t really like…..but it’s been about a year since I’ve messed with it. I was trying to paint detailed violas/pansies when I was obsessed with flowers last spring lol. Lots of experimentation ahead! Anyway, I hope you do more work like this. I think this is where you really glow! (((((Jodi)))))

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!! I love this Jodi and I’m sure your son loves it too and will cherish it for the rest of his life. I love how the colors “bleed”. It seems so fitting because of all the recent (and in the past) terrorist attacks in this world and the sadness we all feel because of them. If only we could make them stop.

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