In Honor of the Ole’ Dogwood Tree

dogwood blossom watercolor

Original Dogwood Blossom Watercolor Jodi McKinney

On Sunday I posted a photo I took of a blossom on one of the beautiful old dogwood trees in our front yard.

So, that same sunny, happy Sunday afternoon, I painted it, still glowing with the news we were allowed to share from the day.

The old dogwood tree, I honor you.
Thank you for blossoming each year,
hard as it may be.
You give hope of new life
as we celebrate the hope of a new life.

Cheers & Hugs,

66 thoughts on “In Honor of the Ole’ Dogwood Tree

  1. Original Dogwood Blossom Watercolour!!..Awe!!.. I just love your beautiful painting, JODI. So much life springs out from the flowering Bud, and the blue is mystical!!.. Such rich colouring … πŸ’™… YES, Greeting Card Lovely – Joanne ..

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  2. OMG this is wonderful, Jodi! As much as I love the watercolor (which is terrific!), the shape and form of the flower beneath shows your drawing skills off too! And CONGRATULATIONS, Grandmama to be!!! Are you ready to fly around the room (complete with splattering paintbrush)?! Big hugs to Colleen and the crew! ❀ ❀ ❀

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  3. Excellent Jodi! I have no words.. I just saw the original photograph and your painting 😍Love the way you converted your background in this beauty!

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  4. Stunning! This is my favorite flower you’ve painted so far!! I always think of my grandparents when I see a dogwood. They had both pink and white trees in their yard and marveled at the neighbors with bigger dogwood trees. Takes me back a few years and makes me smile Jodi, thank you! I’ll say it again, wish you had an etsy shop! ; )

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