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“Compassion” Original Watercolor – Jodi McKinney

Skip the religion and politics,
head straight to the compassion.
everything else is a distraction.
                                                                   – talib kweli

A while back, I read this quote shared by Beth at I Didn’t Have My Glasses On ,
and it hit me like a brick!
Went straight to the heart, and stuck with me.

I recently did this little abstract watercolor.
To me, it resembles the world surrounded by a heart.
And I call it, “Compassion.”

Cheers & Hugs,

69 thoughts on “Compassion

    • Oh Myra – I love that thought!!!!! 🙂 And I love that abstract art can do that – express or be interpreted in so many different ways – hooray! Thanks for sharing that! Please smile!!!! I am 🙂

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