50 thoughts on “When?

    • We will have to see for today but yesterday I snorkeled in the ocean with sharks and stingrays. It was amazing!!!! Controlled environment of course but still very brave for me. 😝

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      • WOW! Very cool! Yes that would be very brave thing for me to do as well. You were brave like my nephew 🙂 Do you remember my post and pics about him snorkeling? Did you see Nemo? 🙂

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  1. Yesterday, my hubby and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary so we did a little shopping together first at REI before going out to dinner. This was fun and not something we usually make time to do together. I got some walking sticks so we can hike more trails at the lake this summer. 😄 So this answers your question to your fabulous quote! Glad to hear you are enjoying your vacation, Jodi!!! 💖🌈🌺

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  2. Probably a year ago when I started blogging ~ way too long. This is so inspiring, Jodi. I’m going to start asking myself this question on a regular basis!

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