Painting Punta Cana

Punta Cana Ocean Beach Palm Tree Watercolor 10x14

Punta Cana Ocean Beach Palm Tree Watercolor 10×14

I found some time the other evening to splash with some Cobalt Teal and Prussian Blue, Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber, Quinacridone Gold and Green Gold watercolor to try to recreate the wonderful feeling of being on our recent little “rum-away” to Punta Cana.

“Landscapes” are a challenge to me.  After a couple of attempts at this first one, I decided to just splash these colors into an abstract.

Punta Cana Ocean Abstract Watercolor 10x14

Punta Cana Ocean Abstract Watercolor 10×14

I then tried turning my 10×14 portrait page to landscape and creating a scene with a few trees recalling how we discussed how amazing that some of them were still alive bending and swaying in the breeze.  There was one like the one below right in front of  “our spot on the beach” where lots of people stopped to lean on and pose for photos.

Punta Cana Ocean Beach Palm Trees Watercolor 10x14

Punta Cana Ocean Beach Palm Trees Watercolor 10×14

All of these paintings were done on 10 x 14″ sheets of Arches 300 lb cold pressed watercolor paper.

Hoping they help you to “feel” the ocean breeze!

Cheers & Hugs,

72 thoughts on “Painting Punta Cana

  1. Wow, yay for abstracts!! There’s life in all of them and light, but my favorite is the second one. That one sings! To me, it’s pure feeling. Delight in the water, the sand, the sea life, I see pure joy in that painting. Sparkling joy! Woot!! Glad you shared them!! Landscapes are challenging but I can still see clear as day in my mind the sunrise on snow you posted last winter that was drop dead amazing. I think there may be a landscape painter in there! And definitely an abstract painter. Woo, will you do more abstracts, do you think? Totally love 😎💜😍🎨🌻

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  2. The ocean breeze has arrive in Las Vegas, NV. Just what I needed, Jodi. Everthing about your paintings is so pleasing; color, texture, subject matter are exquisite. Thanks for sharing your art today.

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    • You are being kind – thank you – these were frustratingly challenging – and I certainly did not succeed, but I will carry on! LOL! The fun thing about art is everyone likes something different anyway 🙂


  3. They do make me feel the “sway” of the beach! I love all three, the abstract one really makes me feel the playfulness that you brought to it. What were your colors that you used? That mingling, granulating darker color in your abstract makes me go “oooh”. I’ll have to look up Punta Cana. Another question…..what is it like to paint on 300# as opposed to 140? I have painted on it twice but I wanted to get your thoughts on it. Thank you for sharing your paintings, I want an island experience!

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    • Thanks Margaret. I used all the same colors for all three and I listed them. I think you are referring to the burnt umber or quinacridone gold. They are joyous with teal. I love 300 lb paper because it doesn’t warp. You do have to use more water, and you can achieve texture with it. I love it. Did you not?


  4. I knew it wouldn’t be long Jodi, your paints were calling! Palm trees bring instant sea breezes, and their funny shapes and bends display a hard lived but determined life. I think it’s hard to paint nature’s perfect displays, but you’ve captured the colors and sea breezes!

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    • i know – so hard to capture – and then I wonder why I do when you can take a perfectly lovely photo. I think it is why I am being drawn more and more to abstract….. very big turn for me. 🙂


  5. WOWZA! YOU ROCK Jodi!!! Gorgeous colors!!! I like that you are experimenting and going BIG! I really like each painting and the memories that each one has for you. This is so AWESOME!! 😄🌈✨🎨🏖

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  6. So beautiful! You can see a face portrayed in the abstract one! I am from the Dominican Republic, and I am proud of how beautifully you portrayed the beaches in my country. Thank you! ❤
    Mind checking some of my posts and telling me your opinion as well? Will greatly appreciate it.

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