Truths from the Tree

truth from trees nature lessons maple tree mars pa

Maple Tree, Mars, PA

Truths from the Tree

Stand tall and proud,
and reach for the sunlight.

Grow deep roots where you are planted,
and you will be braced and secure from threatening winds.

When those winds do blow,
bend and be flexible, and you will survive.

Stretch out your arms far and wide,
and welcome those that rest in your shade.

Delight in sharing with nature’s creatures
with nests and burrows and nourishment.

When your life is over,
give back to what gave life to you.

This is in follow-up to yesterday’s post – Reflections from the River – and a continuation in Lessons from Nature.
Cheers & Hugs,


52 thoughts on “Truths from the Tree

    • Thanks Laura – I got lucky – was thinking about the river reflections yesterday off and on and was looking out at all the trees in my yard and thought about what lessons they could teach. So I laid down in the front lawn under the closest tree to the house (a tree I love!) and shot up where the sun was twinkling through. Often times my photos inspire the words, but the words came to me first for this one.

      Hubby has told me on several occasions I should do a book with my photos and verse. I can’t imagine who would buy such a thing for an unknown – but it could be a fun project nonetheless – eh?

      Thinking about the wind today….. πŸ™‚

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  1. Jodi, I’m sure when you were taking this picture you were standing in awe. It’s hard to find the right words of the feelings evoked. Your picture gave me chills. And, your words offer such hope. Thank you. πŸ’•β˜•οΈCheers.

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    • Indeed in awe – but laying in the grass not standing πŸ™‚ – looking up – and only snapped once as I laid there soaking it all in. I am so glad you were as affected as me with it Sharon. Hope you and Gary are well.


  2. I love laying on the ground and taking photos of trees! ✨😍 Your tree looks like it has been providing you shade for awhile. Lovely verse and I’m enjoying your nature series, Jodi. Perhaps you will paint this tree one day? 🎨❀️

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  5. I think I like this post even better than yesterday’s! There’s something about trees that is so calming and grounding, and you communicated that so well. Sometimes, when I’m driving through Kansas, I pass through the Flint Hills, which have miles and miles of prairie with barely a tree is sight. It is beautiful to drive through, but I don’t think I could live there. Personally, I need to be around trees!

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    • You know – my son asked me this morning if I thought there were more stars in the universe or trees on earth – guess which he said there are more of? Trees…. πŸ™‚ Trees are so awesome!

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