Wisdom in the Wind

wind in acrylics

Abstract Wind in Acrylic – 6×6

Wisdom in the Wind

Wherever you go…
carry seeds that spread and plant joy and beauty.

Recognize that some seasons call for soft and gentle whispers…
while others call us to blow strong and loud and bold.

And the same breath that creates a cool and gentle breeze
can also fuel a fire.

Realize that adjusting your sails
will allow you to sail smoothly and dance freely.

And when you aren’t sure what the question is,
consider that the answer just might be blowing in the wind.

This is my third and final in the series of Lessons from Nature.
It follows Reflections from the River, and Truths from the Tree.

The “art” above is my first attempt with Acrylic Paints after about a year of watercolor adventures.  I am still learning to master watercolor, and it is still my first love, but I’ve been itching to try Acrylic after seeing so much beauty created by other artist friends and the encouragement of Laura at CreateArtEveryday.    For this piece, I simply wanted to feel the paint and see how it moved, so I decided to create “Wind.”  It is done on a 6×6″ Aquaboard, and the beauty of that is, I can just wash it off and create something else over it.  I must admit, it was fun to be able to “over”work with acrylic paint and even add white!

Cheers & Hugs,


66 thoughts on “Wisdom in the Wind

  1. Everything about this is wonderful!! Do not put the word art in quotes there. This is an eye-catcher, made me do a double take wondering whose it might be! You GO, girl, I knew you’d rock the acrylics!! Look at you already! Yes, ma’am. Awesomeness!! And totally love the verse as well. I will be very sad to see this series end. Can I call for an encore? Also, thank you kindly for the mention, my friend! More, more, more! Can you tell me which colors you used? I feel like I see phthalo blue and of course white but is there another blue too? Ultramarine, maybe? Love it, Jodi! I’ve not tried rinsing acrylic from aquabord after it sets up overnight. It worked with watercolor and you may be able to rinse part or maybe even most of it now, but acrylics are funny and tend to want to affix themselves permanently to any surface. So let me know how you get on with this. You made my morning with this beauty!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙

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    • And YOU made MY morning with your message here! 🙂 Thanks sweet Laura Loo! It was pretty fun working with the buttery acrylics – haha! I used Golden Fluid Teal and High Flow Indigo and white. From the Golden starter kit you recommended 🙂 I did rinse my first splashing attempt of acrylic off – but it was not completely dry – so I’ll have to see if this comes completely off. Will keep you posted, and may do an encore at some point as I am always inspired by nature 🙂 thank you as always my friend.

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  2. Blown with the wind are fragrances and who ever didnt want once to catch some of this fragrance in a jar. I just thought this a couple of weeks ago when the lilac bloomed. Artificial lilac scents arent comparable to this. So we have to put our nose into the wind, the real thing, to catch the fragrance.

    Like in your last 2 poems there is wisdom in this your poem. And the wind also has wisdom in it. Something tells the molecules to flow from the high pressure to the low pressure. It is God’s wisdom.

    And your painting shoes another side of the wind, in its lightest form the dust devils, little twisters imitating jinnies. One can see you had wind in the hand while painting it. You cannot make slow strokes to paint something like wind, can you?
    Thanks for your posts, that raise thoughts, Jodi.

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  3. This is a very nice abstract. I love the simplicity, and of course, I love the color. The shape is so relaxed and has a sense of gentle movement in it. It’s making me think of a hammock by the shore and soft summer breezes. Now, just give me a lemonade and a good book to read. I’m all set!

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  4. I love that you’re experimenting with acrylic Jodi! It’s totally opposite from watercolor painting to me, painting from darks to lights and yes being able to use white!! Very forgiving! Here are 2 of my favorite tricks: Keep a water bottle sprayer nearby to keep your paint from drying out on your palette, and spritz your painting to keep the paint wet if you want to blend it on the canvas. Happy painting!

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    • Thanks for the tips Jenna! Laura mentioned that too – I wouldn’t have realized to use water with acrylics – lol! Are you supposed to wet the brush first also? I did lightly, but was not sure.


  5. WOWZA Jodi! LoVe this!! 🌬 Your creative talents BLOW me away! Aren’t acrylics fun?! 😄 I like how you created a circular pattern in your painting that reminds me of wind at the beach. Lovely verse too! 😍💕🎨

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  6. Beautiful Jodi. Acrylics are my fav. So much fun blending them and your picture is gorgeous. If you like to play with them and add texture, try adding some ‘gel medium’ to them, such fun 🙂

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      • I have the skills. I have a ton of art classes behind but it’s been a while. I did an architectural drawing course about three years ago. Since I like to draw and experiment with different mediums on colouring books. I loved painting the most in acrylics, but it’s been a long time. After I was ill, I had to rebuild many skills. My first few tries at acrylic painting were not so good even though previously, I had been very good. It’s something I have to try again. I miss it, but I enjoy your cards and pictures and I love all art, tattoos etc. Acrylics are even fun to finger paint lol, believe it or not. Seeing your art makes me want to try some painting again. I just might. I’m scared to see where I’m at 🙂 Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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      • Thank you Jodi, yes I believe that’s how it was with me before. We just forget, practice makes perfect. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful art 😉

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