A Hummingbird in Watercolor – Draw A Bird Day

hummingbird watercolor 8 x 10 300# Arches Cold Press

Hummingbird Watercolor 8 x 10 300# Arches Cold Press

For #DrawABirdDay this month, I decided to paint a Hummingbird – the smallest bird of all.

I adore the sweet little hummers that visit our backyard every summer.

I take special care to assure their feeder is full of fresh nectar each week as I know they count on and need it to support their ultra-fast metabolism.  I have read that their heart rate can reach as high as 1,260 beats per minute, and they have a breathing rate of 250 beats per minute, even at rest.  During flight, oxygen consumption per gram of muscle tissue is about ten times higher than that measured in elite human athletes.

Amazingly, these tiny birds fly all the way from Mars, PA to Mexico, the Caribbean Islands or Central America every winter and return each Spring.

After I painted this, I realized I had painted one about a year ago, shortly after I took up watercolor.  I recall thinking my hummer was one of my best paintings I had done at the time as I had only been painting for a few months.  Looking back, I still like it, and I am also surprised at how different the two look.  I can’t decide which I like better.  I question if my art has even improved over the past year.

One thing is for sure, the splatter is one thing I have always loved!  🙂  I believe my strokes are more confident, my use of white space more defined, and my splatters a bit more refined and controlled.

Another thing I know for sure….  I am having FUN!  Painting to me is relaxing.  It is a way to unwind after a stressful workday or energize an early morning.

If you have ever thought about giving watercolor or any kind of painting a try, DO IT!  Discover that inner artist just bursting to express your individual creativity.  You will never have a dull, boring moment again in your life.  You will always have something fun to do.  You will always have a way to express yourself.  You will always be able to create something beautiful to someone.

Happy #WorldWatercolorMonth!

Cheers & Hugs,

74 thoughts on “A Hummingbird in Watercolor – Draw A Bird Day

  1. I can’t decide which I like best, Jodi, your painting or your words! I hope people will be inspired to pick up a brush after seeing your beautiful colors and joyful splatters. How could they not?! I looked back at your prior hummer too and I can’t choose a favorite. They are IMO apples and oranges. The first is more realistic in its colors, while this one feels more abstract and illustrative with the beautiful orange worked in. Two totally different approaches to your subject, and both beautiful! I went through a similar comparison with my pear painting……I actually think I liked last year’s pear better and then wondered if I’ve improved too. I think it’s a path that winds and goes up and down hills and our preferences change, papers, brushes, we pick up things here and there or maybe we just saw a technique that is showing up now that wouldn’t have shown up then. There was more of an abstract feel to my second pear too. Interesting, as I’m picking up the abstract more in your second hummer! Abstracts make me so much happier than anything I try to do realistically. I think you’ve found a wonderful style that’s really pleasing and you’re definitely inspiring others to paint too, even selling your work, which is pretty cool all on its own! I don’t know if I’m making any sense, but I really like both birds, I just think they’re very different. This one has spare brush strokes, which I think is harder to do and very beautiful. I can’t choose! Happy Friday and please post a link to your artwork in my comments when you get a chance. Makes the roundup a lot easier. Thanks! 💜

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    • Oh goodness gracious sista – we do think so alike some times!!!! LOL! I had this same conversation in MY head! 🙂 I TOTALLY get you Loo! Do you think one or the other defines my “style” more 🙂 I just so appreciate your insight….. Mwah! xo

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      • I think our styles evolve over time. Who would have thought last July when I was doing realistic WC pretty much daily that I’d be doing mainly abstracts a year later. In grid composition. I don’t think any one of us really knows where the road goes. What do you think? Which feels more like you to you?

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      • That is a good point – AND whether it is a realistic WC or abstract acrylic grid – I ALWAYS know it’s a Laura Loo!

        I cannot really say that one or the other of mine feels more like me – I really can’t – I guess that is why I asked – but if I cannot feel it – how could I expect anyone else??!! 🙂

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  2. Jodi, I love your hummingbird! Up here there’s a trend of painting parties or classes where an instructor teaches a group how to paint a certain scene and you either BYOB or there’s a cash bar. Do you have those events where you are? I want to go but if I have a glass or two of wine, I can’t imagine what the painting will look like!

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    • Thanks Sharon – just a quick and simple one 🙂 But was trying to be deliberate with my strokes. Know what I mean? Oh to paint like you though!!! Sigh…. 🙂


  3. I like both of your hummers, Jodi! And I’m glad you are still adding some splatters! 😊🎨❤️ I do see improvement in your art and you have more confidence. YAYZA!! You are trying subjects that stretch your abilities and you have an AWESOME color sense. Keep having FUNZA as this is what it is all about!! ROCK ON!!! 🎨🌟🌈🎉💐

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  4. You are an amazing artist who produces beautiful pictures, and I love that you share them on your blog. (And I have one hanging on my wall, too!). But the best thing is that you love painting them, and are having so much fun. Creativity is so good for the soul!

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    • Oh Ann! You are such a sweetie! I can’t remember which one you bought? Can you remind me?

      You are so right – creativity is good for the soul! It is my calming thing.

      Have you tried painting or do you have a creative outlet you enjoy?

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  7. Beautiful hummingbird, Jodi :-). I love last year’s too. But I think you are right – your strokes do look more confident in the more recent hummingbird… and the wild splatters seem a bit more intentional and controlled… but still a little wild! Wonderful colours!

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