Watercolor Figure Painting Fun

painting people


A couple weeks ago on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I found some fun little tutorials by Bob Davies on YouTube and can’t wait to find time to try more.   Bob really has a fun technique that is super easy to watch and learn FOR FREE via YouTube on watercoloring simple figures of people.

This was really my first try of doing any type of people, and I had so much fun!  You pretty much start with an upside down triangle with a circle on the top and go from there.  How cool is that!?!  And the interesting thing is how little you really have to do to create something our mind recognizes as a person without even adding ANY facial features.

I plan to watch more of Bob Davies tutorials and recommend them to anyone starting out in watercolor.  He has short little lessons on boats and trees and landscapes and just about anything you can imagine.

It appears he is one of the co-founders of Art Tutor – an online video art school you can do at your own pace.

If you are out there somewhere reading this Bob Davies – THANK YOU for your generosity in sharing your talent.

Cheers & Hugs,


65 thoughts on “Watercolor Figure Painting Fun

    • It is – when someone shoes you exactly how to do it – LOL! The beauty in watercolor – I think – is in the simplicity – and that does not mean it is always simple to do – It takes a while to get that…. Simplicity requires the discipline to hold back. Deliberate strokes that appears simple are GOLDEN in watercolor – and not as easy as they appear – at least for me! LOL! 🙂

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  1. I like Bob Davies too, and it’s so nice you give him a shout here, Jodi. You’ve done a wonderful job with these figures! As Kerfe said, they all look so happy and you’ve left lots of white space and so it looks like the sun is shining too! Nice to practice using just a few strokes too. Happy Monday! 💜💜💜

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  2. Your pineapples are wonderful, just totally different styles. We are all created differently and we couldn’t do each other’s stuff. It would be wrong and flat. Yours are beautiful too! I liked the queen part of your comment and couldn’t reply over on snehals sure to you but wanted you to see 💛💜💛

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    • Oh Laura Loo! Always my sweet cheerleader! Not sure I’d still be painting if it weren’t for you! This kind of talent makes my art feel small and “silly,” but as long as I am having fun – I will swish and splash away, because you have inspired me to do so. 🙂 ❤

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      • But it’s not silly though, your style is uniquely you, it’s like the Bold and the Beautiful! Sometimes I see other people painting and I think man I wish I could paint like that but we all have our “things” that make us shine and I think the idea here is to find what that is and do more of it. And more, and more, until we really start to be happy with our work more often than not! I’m glad to inspire you, but you inspire me right back! I think of you anytime I splatter anything and I always think “Jodi would make that look so much better and more natural”. Yours always works! We all find our way I guess. I’m really glad to feel like I’m on a road I wanna keep on traveling on! And glad you’re riding with me 🎨🌻💜💛💜

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