Feeling Grape!

Watercolor Grapes

Watercolor Grapes – 5×7 140lb Arches Cold Press

Happy Friday!

Are you feeling Grape?!

For my #WorldWatercolorMonth painting today, I’ve painted a loose, juicy bunch of grapes.

I love painting wet-in-wet and watching the colors flow.  It was fun to paint circles of water, drop paint in, and let the paint do its thing.  I toyed with adding some definition with a Micron pen or another wash of watercolor to the grapes, but then decided to just let them be loose and simple and be their own grape selves!

Hope you have a Grape Friday!  (maybe with a few fermented ones involved in your evening hours!)

Cheers & Hugs,

P.S.   I had this post scheduled before hearing the horrific news last evening of yet another horrific, deadly terrorist attack in France.  Though my heart is heavy with grief for this kind of ugliness in our world, I also hope we can focus on the goodness… the beauty… the kindness… and the love that outweighs this ugliness a trillion-fold.

Cherish the moments friends.  Cherish the moments.

62 thoughts on “Feeling Grape!

  1. Beautiful, Jodi!! The grapes turned out beautiful! The Nice, France attack is tragic and I’m devastated over it. You are right, we need to focus on all the good that is in this world (and do our best to get rid of the terrorists).

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  2. Jodi, what I love about our blog is that it is always a ray of inspiration and hope in a sometimes very broken world. I’m glad you didn’t take down this post after you heard about the horrible attack. We do need to grieve for the victims and their families, but we also need to have some good things to keep us sane. Thanks for providing that!

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