Looking Sharp Cashew!

Cashew the Cactus Watercolor 5x7

Cashew The Cactus Looking Sharp Watercolor 5×7

My son, Nick, has a cactus plant.
His name is “Cashew.”

He put Cashew out on the deck recently
to give him some bright sunshine and warmth.

Cashew used to be quite overgrown,
but after several months of neglect, he is being revived.

On Sunday, when he was outside
grilling the burgers for dinner

and my camera was set up ready to take a photo
for the Guacamole Burger blog post,

Nick decided to shoot some “glamour shots” of Cashew.
After all, Cashew was looking prettyΒ Sharp!

Cashew Cactus Glamour Shot - Looking Sharp

Yep – Looking Sharp Cashew!
I’d really say you do!

Cheers & Hugs,

Day 20 Silliness

42 thoughts on “Looking Sharp Cashew!

    • haha! Thanks Sharon – we are quite silly – eh? Seriously you would have thought Nick was shooting Sports Illustrated Swim suit models the way he was bending and twisting the camera and his angle. I said “what are you doing?” And he simply replied, “Taking Glamour shots of Cashew” He is a nut – haha – Pun intended πŸ™‚

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    • I thought it was kinda fun – thanks Mary! My husband said it wasn’t one of my best “paintings,” but that wasn’t the point…. It was just to be silly and fun. Glad you enjoyed. πŸ™‚

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