Pittsburgh Rainbow Cityscape

Pittsburgh CityScape Watercolor

Pittsburgh Rainbow Semi-Abstract Cityscape 9 x11 Arches Hot Press CBT WV QG

Today is the last day of #WorldWatercolorMonth, and I am proud to say I was able to post an original watercolor every day this month.  To celebrate the last day, I’ve been itching to do a semi-abstract cityscape, so here is my version of the Pittsburgh Skyline in a rainbow of Cobalt Teal Blue, Winsor Violet and Quinacridone Gold.

I have lived in the Pittsburgh, PA area my entire life.  Though I have moved from suburb to suburb growing up and then after getting married, I have always loved this beautiful, “most-livable” city.

We live in the “country,” but it is only a 30-minute drive to all the wonderful things our city has to offer for arts, entertainment, business, restaurants, sports, rivers, and shopping.

In fact, that is just where we went yesterday to look for bridal gowns, and oh what fun we had!  Well, we actually passed through town and went to the “South Hills,” but it was a successful venture, and Liz said “Yes!” to the most beautiful dress!  I gasped, then I cried.

I feel so fortunate that both of my boys have found such wonderful young ladies to share their lives with.

Want a sneak peak of the dress????!!

Liz said yes to the dress

You didn’t think I’d actually show you, did you?  But it is under there and in the hands of the beautiful, glowing bride-to-be!  A big thanks to Chelsea and Greg and the wonderful folks at Anne Gregory for the Bride for such an amazing experience, we didn’t have to go anywhere else!  More time for toasting champagne and celebrating with  Liz and her sisters and mom!

Happy Sunday, and happy last day of #WorldWatercolorMonth!  I hope you’ve had as much fun as me.  (Or maybe you are as relieved as my son Nick that it is over!)  Whichever the case, thanks for spending it with me here at lifeinbetween!

Cheers & Hugs,

59 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Rainbow Cityscape

    • Of course I was not very pleased, and it didn’t turn out how I envisioned – argh! My last week I felt very rushed and wasn’t as pleased with my paintings, but oh well. Liz, however, is totally glowing! And that makes me smile and cry all at once and so very happy! The other stuff – is just paint and water – eh?! I’ll keep on chugging. Thank you for the sweet compliment about my “style” LOL! 🙂

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      • Boy you are so right, so much going on in your house, marriage, baby, can’t get much bigger than that and those are the things that really matter. But yes I do love your style and so many of us try to imitate you and rarely if ever succeed. You’ve got loose and free down and you have such a great color sense, just wonderful Jodi. Don’t sell yourself short, even with everything going on, you managed to do this the whole month and you are doing great! Never doubt it, my friend. 💛💛💛💛💛

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      • You are so sweet! But seriously Loo – I’m not even sure I have a style – let alone can believe anyone tries to imitate! But thanks for making my day anyway! 🙂 You sure know how to motivate! THANK YOU!!! ❤

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  1. I started the watercolor month challenge with a quick painting of a bottle of wine and 2 glasses and finished the month with a painting of a bottle and one glass! 😉 What does that say about me?! Lol! I’m happy it is over too! So happy you did it too!!! YAY Jodi! 😍🌟🎨 And what a beautiful bride to be! ❤️

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