Slinky Watercolor 10x12

Slinky – Watercolor – 10×12 on Fabriano Artistico 140lb Cold Press

A dear friend and co-worker recently lost her beloved dog of 12 years.

My heart broke for her knowing how difficult it is to lose such a faithful, loving family member.

I sent her a little card to express my sympathy.  I thought my Charlie Dog card was fitting in this situation.

When my friend received it, she asked me if I would paint her sweet “Slinky” (named after the toy dog in “Toy Story“) so she could give it to her son to hang in his room.

I was honored that she would ask me and believe that I could do it.  I was also a nervous wreck!  I am not a professional artist.  I have never been “commissioned” to replicate such an important family member.  I am not good at “realistic” watercolor art.

But I do love my friend.  And I do love a challenge.  And I wanted to be able to do it.  So after trying once with the same abstract technique I used to create Charlie Dog and failing to achieve the love and life that drew me to Slinky in the photo my friend sent, I attempted to paint Slinky more realistically – not realizing black dogs are likely the most challenging to paint!  Painting #2 was another fail.  I really didn’t have much time invested, so I decided to give it one more go.  Third time is usually the charm – right?

I asked a few questions of a sweet, talented, artistic blogging friend from the UK who creates AMAZING paintings of animals, Rebecca at ReCreate.  She gave me a few pointers (and generously provided a few photos of her beautiful Cassie – a similar looking black adopted dog), which was just enough to give me the confidence to try again.

So here is the painting of dear sweet Slinky.  A smart girl who loved her family more than anything.  A sweet girl who drew you in with her loving eyes.  A faithful companion to two young boys who loved her as much as they love each other.

Rest in peace sweet Slinky.  Know that you are missed, that you are still loved dearly, that you can never be replaced, that you taught your family so much about love and happiness and what is most important.  Your memory will live on forever, and this is my tribute to your life.

Sweet dreams, cheers and hugs,

Slinky was an adopted dog    If you would enjoy a companion like Slinky or our sweet Charlie, please consider pet adoption.

Here is the real, beautiful Slinky in the photo I used to create her painting from:


77 thoughts on “Slinky

    • what a nice thing to say Margaret. My heart just ached for my friend, so I really wanted to capture Slinky’s beautiful spirit. Her eyes spoke to me in the photo, so I’m glad you think they are good 🙂 ❤

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  1. Oh Jodi, I know what you mean, pets are so tricky! It looks like you did a magnificent job! I have painted several pet portraits, but could never capture our beloved Shih Tzu…I hold great esteem for pet adopters, there’s a man on my street who fosters dogs! He actually keeps dogs for several months while they are found a home, and then gets new ones to nurture until they’re adopted. He spends his days walking 2-3 dogs at a time around the neighborhood-

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    • it sure takes a very special heart to be a pet foster parent. To love them for just a while and then pass them to their forever family. I so admire that! There are so many special, wonderful people in the world – aren’t there?! thanks jenna! ❤


  2. WOWZA! Slinky looks REAL!! You did wonderful painting her, Jodi! A gift from your heART is so special. I like how you painted the love in the dog’s eyes. And your sweet words of tribute brought tears to my eyes! You have a very kind heart my friend. ❤️💖💜

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    • Awh! Thanks Jill! It was a bit of a challenge for me, but once I got rolling, I so enjoyed bringing her to life. The eyes are what really spoke to me in her photo, so I am so glad you see the love in them. Eyes are so often the windows of the soul – eh?! 🙂 What a tender heart you are to be brought to tears sweet Jill. YOU have a very kind heart my friend! ❤

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  3. Jodi, this is wonderful, your friend and the boys will love their permanent reminder of Slinky, and the happy times they had, your post has brought a tear to my eye, animals our furry family members❤️ RIP slinky….those eyes will draw them in to all the great memories 😀

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  4. You did such a great job on capturing her energy Jodi, the eyes really draw you into her warmth. Your talent is far reaching. Its awesome that you did this for your friend, my condolences to everyone affected by this sad parting. ♥

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  5. I’m sorry your friend lost Slinky. It was very sweet of you to paint her a picture and you did a fantastic job. I know painting animals is hard because of their ldetails such as changes in fur colour, or fur texture, eyes etc but your painting is really really good. You got that same expression Slinky has in his photo and I particularly like the likeness and details in his eyes and mouth. Great job and condolescences for your friend.

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  6. that is so sad for your friend; she now has a wonderful lively painting as a keepsake. you did a marvellous job and the dog’s smiling mouth and teeth… totally awesome too. that was a lovely gift Jodi!

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  7. I’m so sorry for your friend! Our dogs are a part of our family, and it’s so very hard when we lose them. Your eloquent words at the end of this post captured the emotions perfectly. And the loving spirit of Slinky came thinking through your painting…..wonderful job! And what a precious gift for your friend.

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  8. Jodi, this is really beautiful,I can almost pet him! I think you did an amazing job. I have tried even drawing Prancer, our sweet black cat who passed right after Ash graduated college in ’14….and I can’t, black animals are so tough. You’ve inspired me to give it another try, I am really impressed with your work on this. Rebecca is definitely the queen but you are a princess with this beautiful piece. Wow, I am so glad you stepped out of the boat and took a chance with art because you are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, my friend! Really proud of your work! 💛💛💛

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  9. I am Jodi’s friend and Slinky’s mom. I can not say enough about how truly blessed I am to have Jodi in my life. She is a wonderful, kind and compassionate person who is always there when you need her. She thrives on doing things for others and using her creativity to make life fun and interesting for all that know her. I bawled when I read this blog! Not only do I now have this AMAZING PAINTING of our sweet Slinky (who by the way was the smartest dog I have ever seen & could say “I love you”) but I also now have these beautiful words that I will print and keep forever. I read every single comment posted and was so touched by all of the kind words and positive feedback-not only on the skill of Jodi’s painting but how she perfectly captured the life in Slinky’s eyes. She did a phenomenal job and our family will treasure this painting of our sweet puppy that gave us far more every day than we could have ever given her — unconditional love!! Thank you Jodi from the bottom of my heart!!! Love ya!!! Judy

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