Dog Days of Summer: A Charlie Guest Post

Charlie dog days of summer august 2016

Mom told me the other day we are in the “Dog Days of Summer” here in Mars.

It’s pretty darn hot around here, but what does that have to do with dogs?  (I mean…. I know I’m pretty “hot,” sexy, handsome, charming, and all that… but not ALL dogs are are quite as lucky as me – eh?)

So I asked Mom to “google” what the heck dogs have to do with hot summer days, and guess what?!  We discovered a story of astronomical proportions!

Contrary to common conjecture, the “dog days of summer” does NOT get its name because the heat is so extreme it drives dogs mad or because dogs lie around panting in the heat (Sheesh!  Really people?!  How dare you think such disdainful thoughts!)

The actual background of the phrase refers to the one-to-two month period when a particularly bright, shiny, snazzy, jazzy, super-amazing, georgeous, “hot” star named Sirius, the Dog Star, or Alpha Canis Majoris (Latin for “Greater Dog!”), rises and sets with the sun, shining during the daylight hours and staying hidden at night.

So you see, it’s really about us dogs being the STARS in your life.  (Right Mom?)

That’s why I’m smiling in my photo here.
(or……. it might have been because my Mom was holding a treat while asking me to “stay.”)

Either way…….
I like to be thought of as a Star.  So you can call feel free to call me “Great” for short.
Or Char…
Or Chuck…
Or Buddy…

but pleaaaassseee don’t call me late for dinner!

Woofs & Wags,

Charlie is an adopted dog with brown eyes and a white-tipped tail who brings joy and laughter to his family and friends.  Charlie is a gifted writer, raving food critic, cat, chipmunk, and donut lover, and exceptionally photogenic model.  Some of his best friends are Mike theUPS Man, Cliff the Mailman, and ANYONE who delivers pizza to the house.   If you would like to read more guest posts by Charlie, simply type “Charlie” into the Search box at the top right hand corner of this link:   If you would enjoy a companion like Charlie, please consider pet adoption.



43 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer: A Charlie Guest Post

  1. Charlie, you are growing up to be a fine gentleman. Wow! It seems only yesterday you were our puppy love. Now you’re our Dapper Divine. Thanks for the explanation re the dog days too lol. Just love this shot of your handsomeness!! ❤️💜💛


  2. Your mom took an awesome photo of you!! Thanks for explaining the “dog days of summer.” I thought the meaning was from the hot and lazy days of summer! Haha! But, this reason is even better because it means Charlie is a star!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s very interesting Jodi. I never knew why they called it “the dog days of summer.” Thanks for googling that 🙂 Good boy Charlie for sitting nicely for your Mom to take a picture. You are a handsome boy!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I never knew what the “dog days of summer” really referred to, either! Thanks for sharing that information Charlie. But even before I learned about it, I knew you were really a star!!!


  5. Glad that got cleared up Charlie! Thank your Mom for finding out the real story behind the dog days of summer! Phew! Dogs being “hot” stars is a lot better than being hot summer days! Yay🎉 Great, Char, Chuck, Buddy! Big smiles from your also “great” pals, Sammy & Charley


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