Genevieve the Giraffe

Genevieve the Giraffe - Watercolor 10x11 300lb Fabriano Artistico

Genevieve the Giraffe – Watercolor 10×11 300lb Fabriano Artistico

I’ve been wanting to do a watercolor painting of a giraffe.

Not sure why.

I’m hankerin’ to do an elephant too…

Must be all this back to school  reflection and memories of field trips to the zoo….

Unless you can think of a better reason!

Anyway, I went in search of an image on the web to paint from, and I ended up coming across a nice little tutorial from Alison at Eastwitching, and gave it a go.  Here she is.  I’ve named her Genevieve.

Genevieve the Giraffe.  Isn’t that a lovely name?

Alison does lovely whimsical animals that many of you may enjoy.

Thanks for the tutorial, Alison!  It is so lovely when artists share their tips and tricks and talent.  I appreciate you!

Cheers & Hugs,


60 thoughts on “Genevieve the Giraffe

  1. My parents used to take my daughter and her cousin to a zoo near their house in Arizona where you could climb up on a platform and be eye-to-eye with the giraffes. This reminds me of that experience…they are wonderful creatures. Yes to elephants too! (K)

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  2. I LOVE giraffes!!! ❤️💜💖 And yours is truly AMAZING!!! I drew and painted them for a whole year in 2013 and mine never looked as good as yours! WOWZA!! You go girl!! 🌟🎉 Look forward to your elephant!! 🐘

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      • Yes, it was my start of taking classes online and the beginning of my painting and drawing journey really. It was with Carla Sonheim in 2013. I think I posted some of my art from then … But yours is really good!!! 😍🎨💕


  3. Genevieve is beautiful. She reminds me of giraffes I saw in a safari park in Thailand. I ended up with one’s head on my chest as she reached into the bus to get the carrots I had. It was a wonderful experience.

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