Momma and Baby Elephant in Watercolor

Elephant Mom and Baby Watercolor 10x12 Fabriano Artistico 300lb

Mom and Baby Elephant Watercolor 10×12 Fabriano Artistico 300lb

I think I must have an African Safari on the brain…

Oh how I would LOVE to do that!  Maybe some day.

But for now, I’m just painting my Safari.

I had so much fun doing Genevieve the Giraffe in watercolor last week, that it gave me a desire to try elephants.

I wanted to try a different technique, so I followed some techniques that Lian Quan Zhen masterfully executes and I feebly attempted here.

For this painting, I drew my elephants from a reference photo, used a bit of frisket to save some white, and I then actually poured and splashed some watercolor paint on, blowing it and pushing and smooshing it around with my finger to form a colorful abstract background.  After that dried, I detailed in the elephants.

I used only three colors in the entire painting:  Prussian Blue, Pyrrol Scarlet, and Hansa Yellow Light.  Purples and greens and shades of black and gray and brown and pink and orange are all achieved by the blending of these three colors.

It was fun, and I’ll have to enjoy the elephants this way until I get to go on the safari in real life some day.

Cheers & Hugs,

71 thoughts on “Momma and Baby Elephant in Watercolor

  1. Oh Jodi, I love them!! I want a large picture for my bedroom, alright? 😉 I have Elephants in there. I agree with you about how cool it would be to go on a safari! When are we leaving? Have a great Monday my friend!

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  2. What a wonderful safari you’re going on with your paintings!!! The technique you used is beautiful, hard to believe that you only used 3 colors. Keep having fun with your artistic talents!
    I’m sure you will one day go on your safari!!!
    Have a great day,
    Char ❤

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  3. I love this painting, and can’t believe you only used three colors! Not being an artist, I can’t comment on the technique, but I can say that what I liked best about the painting was the love that I can see between the two elephants. I have no idea how you did that, but it came shining through!!!!

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  5. This was a sweet, touching painting, Jodi! I like elephants a lot! They are gentle giants, show such love towards their family members. 💞
    I missed this older post which there was a link to here, so glad I followed it! 🐘

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