Autumn Glow


Autumn Glow September Sunset, Mars, PA 9/26/16

The Autumn Glow

Thick, heavy clouds part briefly
revealing glimpses of glimmering gold

and twinkling sapphire skies
above the emerald carpeted lawn

sprinkled with the first fallen leaves
that will soon crunch beneath our feet

as we walk the familiar lane…
on a sweet September sunset.

Cheers & Hugs,



38 thoughts on “Autumn Glow

  1. Oh it’s that time of year! The leaves haven’t started turning yet, but already I can feel a change in the air….

    So glad to have discovered your blog. Looking forward to hearing more from you! Congrats on your nomination for a One Lovely Blog award. It is well-deserved!

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  2. So fun to look forward to reading poetry! me! lol and it is always yours! You should have been where I was today, finally the leaves are turning on the North Yuba and the lighting was equisetic! I bet you could easily sit there on the river’s edge and write so many poems, creativity flowing right into your veins. πŸ™‚

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