Chalk Paint Shabby Chic Dresser Makeover


I am having a lot of fun creating a special room in our house for our new granddaughter.

How fun it is to be able to create a “girly” room in one of the bedrooms previously occupied by one of our sons.

I hope to show you more as we finish; but for now, I’m excited to show you what I did with this beat up old little dresser we have had hanging around forever that has served many purposes through the years.


It is a little funny that I’ve taken something beat up and transformed it into another “beat up” look.  (The guys just don’t get it at all that I PURPOSELY rubbed and chipped off the paint!!)  But I’m loving this “Shabby Chic” look achieved with White (Magnolia) Chalk Paint, sand paper, and some Clear and Antique Wax.

I had planned on painting it white, but then saw a friend show on Facebook how she transformed a piece with Chalk Paint and decided that is exactly what I wanted to do.  Considering I had this little dresser already, supplies cost about $15.  I only used half of the container of paint and just a small amount of each of the jars of wax, so plenty more for other projects.  Other than the paint and wax, all that is needed is a paint brush and some fine sand paper.

I watched this series of brief Youtube tutorials while doing this, and it only took a few hours to complete.

Looking forward to sharing more as we progress… like how I turned bumper pads from a gorgeous bedding set I acquired into window valances (because bumper pads are now a “no-no” in cribs) — but I couldn’t pass up using the gorgeous pink and green paisley luciousness!

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50 thoughts on “Chalk Paint Shabby Chic Dresser Makeover

  1. Yes, a girly room, I understand you, I’ve 2 boys, so I always imagined if I had a girl how I’d decorate her room. I think I’d go a little crazy with all the pinkish stuff i’d put in there. I’ve never heard of chalk paint, seems interesting. Love this dresser, i can imagine it all in white and the knobs in pink! I can see you are going to have lots of fun!

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  2. That looks great! Isn’t chalk paint amazing! About 4 months before our bathroom(s) remodel I was so done with the hall bathroom cabinets that I bought some chalk paint and gave the mirror and vanity a make over to get me through the design process. I just couldn’t wait for the remodel! It was so easy and only took a week-end. Started on Saturday and Sunday night we were using the bathroom as always.

    Really crib bumpers are a “no-no” now-a-days? Jeez, how did we and our children survive their cribs? 🙂
    I’m looking forward to seeing the refashioned crib bumpers as well as the room!

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