Creating a Nursery at Grandma’s House


I am having so much fun creating a nursery at “Grandma’s house” for our new granddaughter.


A sweet little haven for her to rest if I ever decide to let her out of my arms when she is at our home!


I promised I’d show you how I turned bumper pads into a window treatment valance.  Didn’t it turn out great?!


Almost everything in this room was a passed on from a friend, was given as a gift, is something I made, or something I re-purposed.

Thanks to our friends Sue and Rodney for “gifting” us with this beautiful crib they had outgrown from their two beautiful granddaughters.


And thanks to our BFFs Jill and Todd who gifted us with this beautiful rocking chair when we learned we were going to become grandparents.  (Hope you don’t mind I painted and distressed it!)


And thanks to our sweet Joyce and “Oh Rob” for this darling antique child’s art desk with paper roll that will be so fun in coming years!


And a dear friend, Diane, who sent this sweet little hanging pillow months before our granddaughter arrived, but made me wait until her birth to open (and I really did!).  What truth there is in this message!  What joy!


I’m looking forward to reading many, many books – over and over and over – in the years to come.


And playing with the basket of toys generously passed down from a sweet friend and incredible young Mom, Stefanie.


Sometimes I just walk into this room and smile… thinking of the memories that are going to be created and the love that is already there from the sharing of so many.

I remember the days when this was a little boy’s room with blue marbled walls and baseball trophies.  I reminisce about the two boys who shared a wall between their rooms and secrets I still don’t know about…  Two boys who were best buddies when they were little, didn’t like each other very much when they were teenagers, and are back to being each other’s “bests” as young adults.

Creating a nursery at Grandma’s house…
It is so very much
home sweet home.

Cheers & Hugs,


57 thoughts on “Creating a Nursery at Grandma’s House

  1. OH Jodi, this choked me up, so beautiful! You can feel the love as I look at the pictures of the precious room! You will make sooo many beautiful memories and I am so happy for you!! Love the books 🙂 Everything is great!

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  2. I love your creativity and LOVE you share!!!!! I’ve dreamed of something like this with my first girl – never happened. I thought my chance was gone! But know I know – the time will come and I will create something like this for my grandkids!!! This room is LOVELY…and you know I’m mom of 3 girls, Jodi!

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  3. Oh my word! Your post touches my heart. Your granddaughter is blessed with the most loving grandmother ever! I love reading that you put together this nursery with gifts from friends and repurposed items, it takes a village to help the Grandmother! lol Now to build new memories in that nursery.

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  4. So precious Jodi! I’m excited for you! You’re going to have many wonderful days and ‘over-nights’ with your precious granddaughter I’m sure 🙂 🙂 You’re very blessed to have her….and she’s very lucky to have such a sweet grandmother!

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