My Favorite Color


My Favorite Color…

My favorite color is yellow
for sunshiney summer days
and chirpy gold finches
and the tartness of lemons.

My favorite color is blue
for the beauty of the sky and the ocean
and robin eggs
and star-shaped bachelor buttons.

My favorite color is red
for hearts
and raspberries and strawberries
and dark, dry wine.

My favorite color is pink
for lipstick
and nail polish
and my granddaughter’s cheeks.

My favorite color is green
for springtime grass
and soft, feathery hemlock trees
and arugula.

My favorite color is black
for yoga pants
and nighttime skies
and patent leather peep toe pumps.

My favorite color is brown
for the smell of the earth
and rich, creamy gravy
and the color of my morning coffee with cream.

My favorite color is purple
for sweet smelling lilacs
and intricate irises
and Barney the dinosaur.

My favorite color is white
for the first blanket of snow
and the stars that twinkle in a midnight sky
and marshmallow fluff.

How does anyone choose one favorite color
when there are so many reasons
to love every color?

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  It was so challenging for me to choose only 20 colors to fill my new watercolor palette from the 55 colors I have in my stock.  But oh how fun it is to start fresh with a new clean palette and all the possibilities it can create.

Do you have a favorite color?  However do you choose?



57 thoughts on “My Favorite Color

  1. Blue, always blue. I think it depends where you live. When we lived in Italy I bought gorgeous yellow and lime green throws and tablecloths but they look insipid in the grey Irish light. Also, I think we tend to like the colours that suit us, to wear I mean. Your post reminds me of the lovely metal paintboxes with watercolour squares we used to have as kids. I wish I could find one of those now.

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  2. Love your poem!! Each color is wonderful, Jodi!! And I LOVE all your fresh, yummy paint colors on your new pallete!! 🎨💕👍 I do LOVE all color but my favorite color is orange as it just feels so happy! 🍊

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  3. A lovely colour palette Jodi! I passionately adore colour – when I visit my local art supply shop and see all the gorgeous colours on display it completely overwhelms me, I just want to buy everything! But instead I have to focus on what I need right now… !

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  4. There are some colors that I just do not like and will almost never use prominently. I don’t like yellow, red, or orange. They’re good for small pops but by themselves, they’re just not for me. I tend to gravitate towards blues, greens, and pink/purples. I like combinations of colors like brown & amber, cerulean & Davy’s grey(my new favorite) Perrylene green (sp?) & green gold dropped in – not mixed. With every single painting, I want to do blues or green and I have to talk myself out of it in order to get any type of variety. But blues mesmerize me! 🙂


  5. Green is my favorite color. Because Grass. Spring’s rolling hills, tall pines, the smell of freshly mown grass. Alfalfa. Oh my gosh! The memories I have of wandering through alfalfa fields. That was my happy place until we moved to the city. Thankfully there was a huge Redwood Tree in our backyard. I climbed her every day. In her branches I discovered the wisdom of trees, and how wonderful, and important trees are.

    Red-passion, love, and warmth.

    Purple- it goes so well with green, and is so calming, but is playful, and a bit naughty. 🙂

    YELLOW! It’s the sun, warmth, and light. I smile just thinking about it.

    Brown- soil, tree trunks, and the manure the alfalfa and cotton fields smelled like in the spring. Reassuring, comfort, and strength knowing that it comes around each year and to everything there is a season. Yes, this is Brown to me.

    Black- wet tar. Laying new roads, and picking up a little piece- rolling it while soft and pliable into a ball in my fingers and popping it my mouth; chewing it; filling my mouth with its warm, licorice earthiness. When it got too hard to chew it was always with anticipation that I would take it out of my mouth to see what shape it took. It was never the same shape twice! Black=strength.

    Pink- Roses, and Hydrangeas; soft and delicate with a heavenly perfume that transports you to your happy place.

    Blue- I have mixed feelings about Blue. At times it’s a color of strength, happiness, and calm, and at other times it is sad, and melancholy like gray. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one in the world who feels this way about blue.

    And yet I love every color! Each speaks to my soul. I wish I had your gift of words to say as beautifully what each says. I’m thankful for you because you can articulate what I feel, but can’t put into words.

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  6. yay! awesome poem, Jodi! colors just overwhelms everyday. its difficult to just pick one as a favorite, but mine will always be green. i attribute life and its many twists and turns with this color. funny, having said that and upon checking my wardrobe, i mostly found pinks and blues in there. the irony of favorite colors. 😀 😀 😀

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