My First Post Revisited

My First Post Revisited…
A sweet blogging friend, Carolina Russo at YesterdayAfter, tagged me and threw out a challenge to revisit and repost our very first blog post.   I thought it would be fun to reread and repost.
I can’t believe I have been doing this for almost three years!  My first post was on May 18, 2014.It’s fun to read how some things have changed and how some things never change!
My sweet Mikey is gone.   And now we have Charlie.
Papercrafting is still something I enjoy, but I’ve gravitated to watercolor painting.  Hadn’t even touched a paintbrush back then when I started.
You can see I was wishing and hinting about being a grandma…. and now that dream has come true!
Still in our same home.
The daffodils are blooming again – unseasonably early.
Life is a joyful journey, and it is fun to look back and cherish the moments.
Hope you enjoy.

the first post – so how do I begin?

May 18, 2014

So I have a good idea what I want to write about… for the most part. My BFF’s oldest daughter told me I should start a “lifestyle” blog.  I guess she thinks my life is interesting….  or at least enough that one or two people might want to read about things I do….  (Hopefully I’ll have at least one subscriber – Jacyln Rae – hint hint!)

Or maybe she just thinks I would enjoy doing it, and that is enough.

Hmmm…. I think I like that…

You know…. that’s one of the perks of growing – err – older and wiser – you get to the point where you realize you can do things just because you want to. Yes – there are those things most of us HAVE to do – like paying bills, doing laundry, working – you get the gist – but what do you like to do in between all that?

That’s the real “living” part.

“Life in between” can mean so many things…

The main reason I titled this blog with it is because I want to share the things I choose to do in between the things I “have” to do.

It can also be a stage of life that is in between stages – and aren’t they all?!

Right now – I’m kind of in between the mom stage and the empty nester and grandma stage. And Oh I Can’t Wait to be a Grandma!  (No hint hint Jake and Colleen – whenever you are ready…  well – maybe a little hint hint)

I think I was born to “mother.”  And oh poor everyone around me that I “mother” – sorry! It’s just in my DNA – I want to nurture, I want to comfort, I want to make happy. Could be worst things -right?!  (clear throat)  But don’t ask my boys…

So anyway – the things I love to do “in between” the things I have to do – that’s what I want to share with you here.

French Macarons

I love to bake.  I love how it makes the house smell.  I love how it makes people feel when they bite into a buttery, chocolately, caramely yummy thing.  I love surprising someone with a special treat of something they love.  Here is a picture of my first attempt at French Macarons.  I was so excited these testy little buggers turned out.  Not sure I’ll ever make them again – so much work – so temperamental – and what if they don’t turn out the next time?  Was it beginner’s luck?  I’ll just believe I’ve MASTERED them….  and leave it at that….

I also love to decorate – my home that is.  And it’s not all about it being House and Garden perfect for those of you that know me and are thinking  “Jodi – you are NOT an interior decorator!”

My ultimate goal (in deocrating) is to create a place that is warm and welcoming.  A place where someone can just drop by (no formal invitations needed around here) and feel comfortable and welcomed and loved.  No shoes off in my house.  So what if the carpet has stains…  Those stains represent someone who I shared my home with or that spilled a drink or our dog who came in after a rainy spring day – so what…  I grew up in a house that was House and Garden perfect… that meant NO SHOES inside…  it meant that you could see sweeper marks in the carpet from the daily vacuum…. it meant that you could literally eat off the garage floor if you were so inclined because it was so clean….  and that’s all good…  Mom was an awesome “cleaner”…  but it’s not me.  I want comfort, warmth, welcoming.  I want my house to feel like your favorite worn slippers or most comfortable fleece hoodie or your “go to” black yoga pants.  That’s what trips my trigger.

Here’s a little peek at our home – and that’s my little buddy “Mikey” who is never far from my side.  After this LONG COLD winter, it was so nice to see the daffodils and grass recently.

signs of spring

And I also love to craft.  It’s been various things through the years…  I’ve tried knitting and crocheting and cross-stitching, tole painting, slate painting, wood crafts, and ceramics.  My most recent crafting obsession is papercrafting – stamping, coloring, cutting, punching, pasting, tying – anything with paper and ink.  I guess it feels comforting being that I (and so many of us) spend so much time on the computer.  It feels extra special to create and send a special handmade something to someone and hope they realize the time and love you put into it – just for them. Here’s a card I made for a very special cousin and friend – Oh Rob! (I’m sure you’ll hear more about him in coming posts). Oh how I love that guy – and his amazingly talented and loving wife and superhero to me, Joyce.  Rob’s “One Little Word” this year is “reflection,” so I wanted to create a birthday card acknowledging and celebrating “reflection.”

rob reflection birthday card 2014

And then – I love to photograph it all.  Dear hubby got me my first good camera for Christmas this year – and I think he might regret it….  I know my boys do…. but I just love taking photographs of crazy, silly, normal, everyday things.   Not a trained professional by any means – not even a class – haven’t even read the whole manual (sorry Patty – I will get there!) – just have fun with it and love seeing what it captures.  My BFF, Jill, honored me with the privilege of capturing  her daughter, Jackie’s bridal shower recently – oh what fun that was – and even allowed me to do a “photo shoot” with her in-laws (I think George and Alice are going to be more famous than all of us) for a work campaign.

Recently, while Marty (that’s the dear hubby’s name) was cutting grass, I was doing very important things like taking pictures of dandelions and bees on them….  and HE snapped this little gem with his phone while on the tractor…. Not flattering – but yep – that about sums it up.  The silly things I do in my life in between…..


So we’ll see how this goes….  I now have my first post under my belt.

Cheers and hugs,



63 thoughts on “My First Post Revisited

  1. This was so fun to read. Your personality comes shining through! Love the pic that Marty snapped of you 🙂 and you do a great job at making your home feel inviting and comfortable for people. I can attest to that 🙂 Great job on the post and so glad you continued with it so that I could find you in the Fall. ❤

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  2. Fun Jodi, it is amazing to see how much we grow and change in only a few years! I am so glad to have my blog to look back through now and remember. I really was thinking about you just the other day and noting the artistic changes you’ve made, from creating those fabulous cards, to jumping into watercolor. Watching you grow and develop as a painter is truly amazing and you have blossomed into a fabulous artist! You inspired me to pick up my watercolors again, and I have enjoyed it so much, thank you! I love the title of your blog too, and your clever way with words and love of life. You are a joy Jodi!

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  3. Well Jodi! You and I know just a little bit about each other now so, having read this Post, I am going to be totally honest! It was a most enjoyable and refreshing read, but my mind immediately looped itself into the thought “What a lovely person… but what is going on beneath the surface!” That’s just the way my mind works! 🙂

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    • so – you have me wondering, Colin – are you saying I appear superficial? We all have lots of stuff going on beneath the surface… I try to keep my blog upbeat and happy, but we all have “stuff.” A comment that begins with “I am going to be totally honest…” eeks – you have me really thinking…

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      • Hi Jodi – No…. not superficial in any way whatsoever. You have “painted” such a wonderful picture. Your lifestyle, interests, and your home are just perfect. Of course this being your first Post, it would have been rather surprising if you had put your issues, frustrations and negative experiences on “the menu”!
        There are two aspects of life that are very personal to me. One are comments such as “It must be nice to be able to…..” or “You are so lucky to have…….” etc. etc.. I wonder whether the speaker would think differently if they had actually lived my life? The other thing is a comment in a paper which was summing up the results of a study of “high achievers”. It concluded that whereas some “high achievers” are simply gifted, for the majority that was not that exactly the case. The comment I remember was “Show me a high achiever, and I’ll show you somebody with trauma in their past that they are trying to forget by throwing themselves 120% into everything.”
        How is that relevant to you? It is not! I am just trying to explain my reaction to a lovely first Post!

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      • There may be something to the high achiever thing with trauma in the past. Yep – much I would love to put out there – but not appropriate for this venue. You are a deep thinker – and I like that – so am i – really – I would rather sit one on one with friend talking with wine late into the night than attend a party – does that surprise you? In fact, we went to a party last night – I was good for about two hours, then we brought a friend home who stayed over – we talked about deep personal stuff late into the night. Hubby made us breakfast in the morning – with fuzzy heads both – and then we walked four miles with Charlie and talked more. That’s the good stuff in life to me. 🙂

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  4. Lovely to read your first post. I have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog (and trying some of your fabulous recipes!). Thanks for being such a generous and nurturing member of this blogging community. Looking forward to following you in the months and years ahead.

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  5. Oh My Word! This was the most fun I had reading a post on WP! I usually get a bit squirmy with long posts but I didn’t want yours to end and I wanted more! How fun it was to get a sneak into your life and your first post, I knw that you are a open hearted/open house kind of person but reading this it all makes sense. Your blog definitely reflects you and I am so glad that Caroline challenged you to share it. What a treat to read your blog first. We are getting some good snow and it is cold and reading this post warmed me right up. Have a wonderful Sunday, dear friend. 🙂

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  6. Interesting to look back isn’t it? One thing we learn from first to current is to use fewer words and I like to think our overall approach gets better. I’m glad to share your journey.

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  7. We all need a Jacyln Rae in our life, to pull out all the fun we do, out in the open.
    My daughter, every once in a while will say, how’s your friend Jodi? Funny how we have never met but, to my kids, you are my friend who I try to bake or craft with. My favorite memory is when I asked about a pound cake that went so wrong and you commented back that, “I don’t show all of my baking mishaps”..haha That made me feel so much better. Thanks for being “You”.

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    • Awh! You very much made my day with this sweet comment Myra! Thanks so much!!! None of us are perfect – and that is what makes us and the world so beautiful and interesting! Hate that word really – perfect! No such thing! 🙂

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  8. Jodi, I do remember some of your first post, so I must have started following you from the beginning. I’d say keep the positive posts coming with a bit of personal stuff when you feel like it. Overachiever defined: one who achieves success over and above the standard or expected level (esp. at an early age). A good goal for school, work, career progression, and in the arts; painting, baking or writing. It’s obvious, you”re an impressive (above the standard) overachiever! Look at what you accomplish! All good! 💛 Christine

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  9. What a wonderful post Jo 💕 I always enjoy your post it could be painting or poem or recipe or a guest post 😀 You know I just like the way you describe things 😀

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  10. I loved going back to the beginning with you, Jodi. Your personality was so obvious from the very beginning as were your passions. Loved the photo at the end. Your husband has a definite sense of humor..:)

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  11. I’ve been following your post for a couple of years now, and I never really realized what “life in between” meant. I love that it means what you do “in between” the things you have to do! This was a terrific first post, which provided an introduction to you and to the blog you planned to write. (I also loved the photo….) Thanks for sharing this, Jodi!

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  12. I love reading your posts, it makes me feel like I am talking to my best friend. Nice to read the first one again, and happy that you have continued.
    Open, honest, funny, clever, warm, loving, interesting and informative… my favorite email to open.
    I really love when we cross paths unexpectedly, it’s like seeing a star!
    Thank you for letting me join your list of followers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Mary. Thank you so much. You always make me feel so loved and special. That’s because YOU are! I’m so glad our paths have crossed and continue to. Xo


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