Every Bunny Loves Some Bunny Sometime

Funny Bunny 8×10 Watercolor

Every Bunny Loves Some Bunny Sometime…

Every Bunny falls in love somehow…

Well – I’m surely not Dean Martin, but I do love painting bunnies…

especially funny bunnies this time of year with Spring and Easter right around the corner.

And Remember – in case you doubt…

You Alone are Enough
You have nothing to prove
to Any Bunny!

Cheers & Hugs,

I used only three colors to create all of the colors in this silly critter:  Cobalt Blue, Permanent Rose, and Quinacridone Gold, which also also created purples and greens and a dark “mud” to be almost black without looking too black.


56 thoughts on “Every Bunny Loves Some Bunny Sometime

  1. Thanks for giving me a “Spring” in my step today, Jodi!! 🌷💕 Your bunny is so cute!! 🐰 I can only imagine how fun Easter will be this year with your little granddaughter !! 🌈💕 YAY!! ğŸŽ€


  2. I love the way you paint your bunnies with so much color! They are so cheerful and fun. Loved the painting, loved the Dean Martin song (I remember that from his TV show) and loved the little saying. Thanks, Jodi!

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