A Special Happy Birthday

Watercolor Birthday Card in Prussian Blue and Burnt Sienna

A Special Happy Birthday.

Every year on this day
is a very special day to me.

27 years ago
on a Saturday at 1:57 a.m.

a perfect and chubby 10 pound
baby boy blessed my life.

That sweet little boy
grew into an even sweeter man.

Thank you for the joy and happiness and love
you bring to my life.

May this year be the best…
until the next.

When I wish thatΒ it is the best,
like I feel being your mom.

Every year was the best – until the next,
and they still continue to be.

Happy Birthday NIck!

With so much love,

61 thoughts on “A Special Happy Birthday

  1. beautiful Jodi!! it is a joy and blessing to have wonderful and happy adult children, isn’t it?!! melts your mama’s heart. πŸ™‚
    now….. 10 pounds, ahhhh. he owes you for that one! LOL smiling
    and hope he has a great day! cheers, Debi

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  2. May this year be the best, until the next:)
    I love that sentiment and hope you don’t mind if I borrow it, I will give you all the credit, of course!
    Your Nick is lucky you are his mom!

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